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"Who needs feminism?" needs YOU!

I need feminism...Earlier this spring, Rachel Seidman's Women in the Public Sphere class had an idea--a viral idea.  These 16 students wanted to give the women's movement a PR boost to combat the post-feminist sentiments and "feminazi" backlash that they saw in the world. 

So, they took to the web via Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler to publicly proclaim why feminism was still relevant and important to them--and they encouraged others to do the same.  They started a conversation that hasn't stopped yet with over 11,000 Likes, almost 1000 posts on Tumbler, and similar projects cropping up on other campuses. Clearly, feminism is alive and well and kicking butt!

And, now the campaign is competing for $1000 from Good Maker to keep it up.  You can help by voting for the campaign between now and June 7th.

Let's make good, people!

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I need feminism because women's bodies do not belong to men. With rampant prostitution, mail order brides, and dark porn it is clear that women are still being used and possessed as objects. I need feminism because I want an end to sexual violence.

I need feminism because I have a daughter.

I need feminism because I love my body, my mind, and the minds of other women.

Because the freedom to choose how women live their lives should be more important than how others want to live our lives for us.

I need feminism because women's bodies to not belong to men, and the bodies of yet to be born women (and men) do not belong to women. All of us own our own bodies, but not those of others. See www.feministsforlife.org

I need feminism because of patriarchy. I need feminism in order to live in this world, but I don't like the reasons why feminism is so necessary.


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