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Casper Suite Apple (iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad) Users

Student Affairs ITS has completed full testing of the Casper Management Suite for the Apple platform and is excited to be sending the system into live production this Wednesday (July 9th, 2014).  The system will greatly aid SA ITS' efforts with the following topics:


Software and content distribution

SA ITS will provide on demand software and applications to users with completely silent installations to create low impact distribution methods to minimize workflow interruption.

Compliance and security

We will build upon our already secure enviorment by implmenting and enforcing settings, profiles, encryption auditing, and passwords based on compliance requirements (HIPPA, FERPA, PCI, etc) in different departments across the divsion of Student Affairs.

Inventory and Reporting

Casper empowers SA ITS' ability to run metric reports on everything from hardware models to software licenses and operating system versions.  These reports will leverage the information to ensure that SA ITS has a high level reporting tool, all while the grainular needs of who, what, where, when, why and how are met when required.

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Not receiving your meeting requests?


So, you've been told that you were sent a meeting request, but you never received it and the meeting creator has confirmed they sent it. What do you do now? 

The first step is to open Remote Desktop Connection. You may find it already in your dock, as shown in the image.


Or, you may navigate to it by doing the following:

·       Open Finder --> Applications --> Remote Desktop Connection

Once you have this application open, you will want to ensure you are connecting to



Next, you will click Connect, then, when prompted again, Connect.

On the Windows login screen, you will enter your netID and netID password (the one associated with your email). In the LOG ON TO: dialog box, it should say WIN or win.duke.edu.

Login Window

Once you have verified all this information is correct, you may login.

After you are successfully logged in, you will want to open Microsoft Office Outlook by doing the following:

·       Start Menu --> Programs --> Microsoft Office --> Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

If this is the first time Outlook is being setup in this Windows environment, click next for it to auto configure your account. If you are being prompted for your login information, you will want to enter WIN\netID for your username, and then, your netID password.

Once Outlook is configured, you will want to click on Tools --> Options in the tool bar at the top.

In the Options dialog, click on Delegates.

On this page, you will want to select the option:

“My delegates only, but send a copy of meeting requests and responses to me (recommended)”.

Click Apply to save the setting, then OK to leave the dialog box.

And voilà! You are done!

If you have any questions, concerns, or run into any errors during this process, please submit a ticket to service@studentaffairs.duke.edu




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Apple issues OSX and Safari patches

"Apple has just released a pair of security updates for OS X and Safari that fix a few unrelated security problems. Monday brought news of a Mac issue that could reveal logins and passwords, and the OS 10.7 patch will be fixing that among other things. But there's also a Safari update that's a little more complicated."

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