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In choosing a Duke graduate program, you have come a long way toward understanding yourself. Yet you are not a finished product, and your graduate school experience will transform you in significant ways, deepening your knowledge and self-understanding. Earning an advanced degree is a foundation for further intellectual and personal growth, and a pathway to discovering multiple career options. Use the resouces below to explore, expand and take advantage of your opportunities.

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Counseling for Graduate Students
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Career counseling is an ongoing service available to all Duke graduate students. Meetings are scheduled in advance, one hour long, and many students benefit from a series of conversations occurring over time.

Our role is help you add to the unique background you bring here to Duke the skills to create and maintain meaningful experiences and relationships with a new set of mentors, colleagues and potential employers. We assist you in preparing and achieving your future career goals whether they are to find employment or to prepare for another degree program.

Many of you have ideas about future employment and locations clearly in view and have mapped out the steps you will take to make the transition from graduate study to the workforce.  Others of you will want to revisit your priorities and goals during your graduate career because for you, earning an advanced degree is not a career answer, but rather a foundation for career options.  Some of the questions that will come up in appointments include:

  • How can I get the mentoring I need while at Duke?
  • How can I make use of my experience coordinating a conference for my faculty advisor?
  • Where can I locate internship opportunities beyond eRecruiting?
  • What are my options if I decide to qualify for a master’s degree instead of a PhD?
  • Should I describe all my projects and/or list all my publications on my resume?
  • How can I reorganize my resume to break into a new sector with my degree?
  • I hope to find a faculty position in the Pacific Northwest. How can I achieve this goal?
  • As an international student, I’ve heard that my search for employment in the US may be extremely difficult. Is this true?






Drop-In Advising for Graduate Students
What Is Drop-In Advising?

Trinity, The Graduate School, and Pratt Ph.D.
When classes are in session (through April 17, 2013)
Smith Warehouse, Bay 5, 2nd floor
Tuesday & Wednesday 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Bryan Center (check Events Calendar for exact dates and locations)
One Friday of each month 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Master of Engineering Management, Master of Engineering, and Master of Science in Engineering Students

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in 1428A CIEMAS
Hours announced in the weekly email sent via listservs every Monday.

Get Advice from Duke Alumni & Professionals

One of the best way to learn about career possibilities, professional expectations, making decisions (and whatever additional questions you might develop) is to speak to professionals who are willing to share their insights. University alumni are a fantastic resource for career-related conversations and these networks exist to help Dukies connect.
LinkedIn Duke University Alumni Network

Networking Opportunities

Networking with Duke Alumni & Professionals
Networking includes initiating and attending to professional relationships. You're likely already familiar with the power of professional academic networks as a source of relationships, learning, and opportunity. The resources listed below help you to effectively immerse yourself in the professional community to which you aspire.
Networking Guide
LinkedIn Duke University Alumni Network

Networking Events
The Career Center hosts opportunities throughout the year to meet and interact with professionals across a variety of professions.  We particularly recommend participating in these four:
Career Fairs
Fannie Mitchell Expert in Residence Program
Graduate Student Open House

Employer Information Sessions
Employers visit campus throughout the year to present about their companies and meet students; some travel specifically to meet Master's and Ph.D. candidates.
Employer Information Sessions

Career Center Skills Guides

Looking to write a resume, cv, or cover letter? Preparing for an interview? Seeking ways to understand how your strengths connect to a future workplace? This series of guides will get you started.
Career Center Skills Guides

Skills Workshops for Graduate Students

These events are hosted throughout the year and as each of the titles suggest, they are specifically for graduate students.  View our Events Calendar for specific event dates, times and locations.

Crafting an Effective CV and Cover Letter for Graduate Students
Attend this CV and Cover Letter workshop and gain an edge in learning to market YOU! Learn ways to identify what will be expected and then how to customize your research and teaching accomplishment statements. Speak to your strengths while aligning with what the academy needs. This workshop will provide you with strategies to assist in identifying what to include (or even omit) to build your own unique and customized CV and Cover Letter.

How to Convert a CV into a Resume for Graduate Students
Non-academic employers typically request that applicants provide a focused 1-2 page resume, versus a more exhaustive and lengthy CV.  In this workshop you will learn how to reformat, reorder, and enrich the content of your CV so that it meets the expectations of employers and makes a compelling case for your candidacy by detailing the knowledge, skills, results, and distinctions that comprise your qualifications.

How to Write a Persuasive Cover Letter for Graduate Students
Cover letters are more than window dressing; they are your opportunity to expand on the information in your resume, craft a story for the employer that makes explicit how and why you would add value to their organization, and illustrate your communication and persuasion skills all at once.  According to employers, job applicants who write persuasive cover letters can surge ahead in the competition for interviews. In this workshop you will learn a powerful structure for your cover letters and how to make explicit the fit between what you bring and what the employer wants.

Job Search Workshop for Graduate Students
Searching for roles outside of the academy requires planning, research, and discipline; success depends on more than online search engines and mass resume/CV distribution.  In this workshop, you will expand your knowledge of job search tools and resources, identify how your knowledge and skills match with role requirements, and build a structured job search plan.

Internship Search Workshop for Graduate StudentsAre you looking for a summer internship? Not sure where to start or what resources are available to you? Come learn about the internship search process, resources and much more! After this workshop, you will know how to engage in an effective and targeted search for an internship in the industry of your choice!

Interviewing Skills Workshop for Graduate Students
Interviewing is the rubber hitting the road moment where an employer evaluates how your knowledge and skills fit with their needs, and how your working style fits with their organization; there is much more to interviewing than being the most educated candidate or wearing the nicest suit.  In this workshop you will learn the various types of interview questions, review a structure for crafting interview responses that illustrate your experiences, practice responding to interview questions in real time, and discuss effective nonverbal communication.

Leadership Development Programs for Graduate Students
Are you interested in using your Ph.D. or Master's degree to become a Project Lead or CEO one day? Leadership Development Programs (LDP's) are competitive, paid positions for new graduates to rotate departments and roles in a company and prepare candidates for high-level leadership positions. Join us to hear from current Leadership Program fellows from Becton Dickinson, Catalent and Northrop Grumman to learn about their background, experience in the program and the application processes.

Maximizing Your Career Fair Experience for Graduate Students
Attending a Career Fair could potentially be overwhelming with numerous employers and hundreds of students interested in seeing the same companies. This session will provide strategies and direction to Master's and Ph.D. students wanting to make the most of a Career Fair.

Networking Strategies and Resources for Graduate Students
Graduate students frequently report that face to face networking feels uncomfortable, inauthentic, or both.  But this is not an optional skill; you will work with and through others for most of your working life, and your ability to build and maintain productive relationships is foundational.  In this interactive workshop you will learn how to create conversation with people you don’t know, learn networking norms and strategies, and identify effective ways to follow up to create and sustain mutually beneficial professional relationships.

Resume Writing Workshop for Graduate Students
The resume is your marketing tool - the first introduction to YOU! It is not intended to be a document that plagues job seekers. Join a Career Center counselor at this workshop to learn how to write a resume that represents your accomplishments and achievements appropriately.

TechConnect Prep for Graduate Students
Walking into a room where you are expected to network with possible employers, alumni, fellow graduate students and staff can be an intimidating experience. This workshop is designed to give participants hands-on networking experience and practice along with tricks and tips on how to make the most of your time at a networking event, like TechConnect. We will discuss first impressions, summing up your research and skills and the most important aspect-following up.

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