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Browse this set of resources to see the range of support and resources we provide to you online.  From learning how to write a resume, to exploring career possibilities around the globe, to researching a company just before the interview, we've got you covered.







CareerBeam is a great online tool for anyone at any point of the career journey! This resource is available for Duke students of all years, undergraduate and graduate, that the Career Center serves.  CareerBeam has multiple tools to help you with different aspects of your career search.
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13-14 Duke Career Guide

Use our comprehensive career guide to get introductory information about steps and strategies in your job or internship search.

Duke Career Center 2013-2014 Career Guide










Career Research LibGuide

Duke Libraries™ Job and Career Research Guide offers a variety of electronic resources to help in searching for jobs, internships, and information on companies and organizations. It also provides a list of available on-campus resources.
Job and Career Research LibGuide

Diversity-Focused Opportunities

All of the opportunities through the Career Center are for diverse candidates.  In addition, there is also a selection of opportunities that that are intended to enhance the ability of organizations to attract the full diversity of candidates to their opportunities. You should include these resources in your search, they should not constitute the entirety of your search.
Diversity-Focused Opportunities


More than 5,000 Duke alums have offered to share their advice about jobs and careers, particular geographic areas, stages of life and graduate education. Search to find alums whose experiences match your interests or curiosity and reach out to introduce youself.
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Informational Interviewing Guide


Search for student employment, research opportunities and more.


View and apply for thousands of opportunities available around the world.  You can filter to see those offered especially for Duke students. Duke University On-Campus Recruiting interviews are managed through eRecruiting as well.
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Experience for Alumni

The Duke Alumni Association and Duke Career Center are pleased to offer Experience!

Experience is an exclusive network of alumni and employers offering job opportunities to graduates from the nation’s top universities.


Experiential Opportunities at Duke

There are several Duke programs that provide opportunities for current students to explore careers and gain practical work experience.
Duke Experiential Opportunities for Undergraduates
Duke Experiential Opportunities for Graduate Students

Funding Opportunities at Duke

The Career Center seeks to expand its list of funding opportunities that can support students participating in internships and other experiential career exploration. The following list is not exhaustive and will be updated as new information becomes available. We strongly encourage students to consult faculty and administrators within their major department(s) and certificate programs about other available funds.


Access the leading provider of location-specific employment and career information for the US and abroad. Set up a personal account and find country career guides, corporate profiles and more than 100,000 international internship and job openings.
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Housing Options for Short-Term Stays

Duke students frequently obtain internships in cities unfamiliar to them and the Career Center provides resources to learn about housing options in various locales. Being new to a city or not having friends in a certain area should never be a hindrance when you’re looking
for an internship.
Housing Options for Interns

iNet Internship Database

The iNet Internship Network is an internship posting database shared by Georgetown, MIT, Northwestern, Rice, Stanford, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, and Duke. This database gives you access to a full range of internship opportunities in all industries. You should continue to use eRecruiting for Duke-affiliated opportunities; UCAN is an additional tool to link you to independent internships throughout the US and beyond.
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International Student Resources

For more information about international student resources, please visit the Duke International House on the web.

Internship Feedback Database

The Duke Career Center's Internship Feedback Database contains Duke student feedback about a wide range of summer internships and other career exploration experiences.

Search the database to gain firsthand information from other Duke students about companies that have offered internships, the kinds of experiences these internships have afforded, and whether and why students would recommend these experiences. Information is derived from our Internship Survey.

Take this quick survey today so you can contribute YOUR feedback and help another student with the important decisions related to summer experiences! The vitality of the database depends on you!
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Internship Series Online

Use this national internship database compiled by Career Education Institutes for opportunities listed in 14 work sectors and to opportunities on many employer sites.

Internship Series Online requires the username and password listed to gain access. Please make note of it for current and future use. The password changes annually.
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Jewish & Israel-Focused Career Development Resources

Jewish Life at Duke and the Duke Career Center have partnered to collect resources and facilitate conversations aimed at incorporating Duke students' personal interest in or identification with Judaism and/or Israel into their career decision-making process. Our goal is to provide useful and interesting information to support Duke students' self-awareness, growth, and future success, taking the whole person into account.
Resources for Jewish and Israel-Focused Career Development

LGBT Career Development Resources

While all opportunities at the Career Center are open to everyone, these resources are meant to enhance the career search of LGBT students. We encourage you to use these resources to build upon your current search, and not limit yourself to the material found on this page.
LGBT Career Development Resources

LinkedIn-Duke University Alumni Network

The Duke University Alumni Network is a forum for Duke alumni, students, faculty, and staff to build professional relationships, share career resources, and discuss issues of interest to the Duke community.
Duke University Alumni Network on LinkedIn

Rotational, Leadership & Management Development Programs

We’ve compiled a list of companies that train you through rotational programs (i.e. rotating through different parts of a company) or specific, structured training programs. Look to these programs to find companies developing leadership for their organization.

Leadership Excellence Ranks Top Leadership Development Programs
2010 Top Leadership Development Program Survey - Results

Companies marked with * enroll graduate students.

Short-Term Opportunities After Graduation

Duke students often choose a post-graduation opportunity that has a scheduled end date or is intended to conclude after a single year or a few. You could be thinking about a “gap year” before graduate school, applying to fellowships, seeking an adventure before your next move,
craving a structured opportunity in the corporate sector, or any number of different paths. Here is some information to get you started.
Short-Term Opportunities after Graduation

UCAN Internship Database

The UCAN Internship Exchange is an internship posting database shared by 21 selective colleges and universities across the United States whose mission is to share internship listings that span the United States and well beyond. This dynamic database provides thousands of summer jobs, internships, fellowships and other short-term opportunities. It is searchable by area of interest, geographic location, semester, educational level, salary or company name. This database gives you access to a full range of internship opportunities in all industries.

You should continue to use eRecruiting for Duke-affiliated opportunities; iNet is an additional tool to link you to independent internships throughout the US and beyond.
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Versatile PhD

The Versatile PhD is a resource focused toward non-academic careers for current graduate students in humanities and social science. Registered Duke students have access to PREMIUM CONTENT in this site that is richer than publicly-available material.

Read first-person narratives written by real humanities and social science PhDs and ABDs who have established non-academic careers, describing how they did it and sharing their advice from experience.

  • Join a thriving, supportive, web-based community
  • Tap into a completely confidential discussion--no one at any university will know you are using this website unless you tell them. Not your advisor, not your peers, nobody.
  • Interact with "Versatile PhDs" in and outside the academy.
  • View hiring success stories, employment documents and career autobiographies.

If you want to discuss your own career situation, we also recommend you make an appointment with an advisor at the Career Center. We serve graduate students and you can expect complete confidentiality.

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What Can I Do With This Major?

Use this collection of information sheets on hundreds of academic majors to see outlines of common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. Please excuse the few references across the documents that are not Duke-specific. We find this to be a best-in-class resource and purchase it from the University of Tennessee (UT) for your use.
What Can I Do With This Major?