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View and apply for thousands of opportunities available around the world.  You can filter to see those offered especially for Duke students. Duke University On-Campus Recruiting interviews are managed through eRecruiting as well.
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Duke eRecruiting is an online system that helps Duke undergraduate and graduate students explore career opportunities, research and network with employers on and off-campus, and apply for internships and full-time positions—all in one seamless platform. eRecruiting Features:

  • Profile:
 Create and update your profile; sign up for e-mail updates
  • Documents:
 Upload application documents (e.g. resume, cover letter, writing samples); make your documents searchable by employers online
  • Applications: 
Sign up for on-campus interviews; withdraw pending applications; keep track of employer decisions on your job applications; and review past applications
  • Calendar: Keep track of career-related events; review the interview schedule and record them in your calendar; register for special events
  • Jobs & Internships:
 Search for jobs and internships; save selected job descriptions; look at qualifications; find contact information
  • Employer Information:
 Search employers for career opportunities; network with employer contacts in your field or industry
 Connect with other students, alumni, and professionals in your chosen career path or industry; research career paths, industries, and employers; get access to career tips and advice, career profiles, and salary information; find exclusive job shadowing opportunities



Note: The Duke University Career Center has established relationships with third party vendors such as to provide a broad range of career information and job postings for Duke students and alumni. These vendors are neither part of nor controlled by Duke University. The University cannot be held responsible for the security or confidentiality of the information you provide to Experience or any other vendor. We encourage you to review the privacy agreement for Experience prior to submitting personal information.

Students from the following schools are eligible to use the system:

  • Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
The Graduate School

  • Pratt School of Engineering at Duke

  • Nicholas School of the Environment

  • Sanford School of Public Policy

  • Master of Management Studies (MMS) program - Fuqua

Following Graduation, students will retain access to eRecruiting until July 30th. Graduates will then be inactivated from the eRecruiting system, but are invited to access Experience for Alumni at no charge.