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The Duke University Career Center contributes to this community of learning by engaging students and alumni in an ongoing examination and pursuit of what is meaningful and valuable in their lives. The Career Center provides opportunities for individuals to explore the intersection of their education, values, goals, skills and experiences in order to identify and realize their aspirations. Read more.

Have You Heard?

Jan 29, 2015

Social media was created to help people connect, so it makes sense that it is strongly used by companies to find talent.  Recent data shows that 94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media for recruiting and 78% of recruiters have made hires through social media.  Moreover, the top social media tool used for recruitment is LinkedIn with a 94% usage rate.  But are YOU using it?  If this is a method that employers are using to seek talent, why wouldn’t you be using it too?  It can help you connect with employers across the globe or with an organization that is typically hard to reach = powerful. 

Here is a great infographic that provides valuable data regarding how social media is used in the job search and also highlights the forms of social media used:

Jan 15, 2015

This year I attended my first Career Fair. Ever.

As a staff member at the Duke Career Center, I feel as though I should hang my head in shame when I state that. When I was a student in college, I never knew (or never paid attention to) the unique opportunities and experiences a career center is able to offer students. And the Duke Career Center is the best of the best. My colleagues and the knowledge they share with students, who are searching for jobs and internships or just doing a little soul searching, consistently amaze me.

Maybe you’re like me when I was a student and are reading this saying, “I didn’t even know that the Duke Career Center hosted a Career Fair.” or “I don’t know what I want to do professionally, so it doesn’t make any sense for me to talk to employers yet.” Let me stop you right there. How will you know if you don’t go?


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