Center for Multicultural Affairs

Leadership Development

We support opportunities for students to intellectually explore issues about race, ethnicity, social economic status, national origin, and gender.


CMA Professional Staff maintain an open door policy for 1:1 meetings with students to discuss issues pertaining to their cultural, social, and personal development and acclimation to Duke University and the broader Durham community. Whether you are encountering new cross-cultural experiences and would like to talk with someone about them or you have a desire to start up a new organization with a mission that parallels the CMA in some way, we are here for your support. Please contact a staff member to set up an appointment.

Facilitators Advocating for Change and Equity (FACEs)

FACEs, Facilitator(s) Advocating for Change & Equity, are paid positions in which students work alongside the CMA professional staff to produce & facilitate programming in alignment with the Center's mission. These students serve as ambassadors for the Center for Multicultural Affairs and are committed to fostering a more inclusive campus community.  All FACEs will participate in a semester long FACE Leadership Development Series. This series will assist FACEs in developing skills to adequately identify social problems and understand practical ways to advocate for change and equity.

For more information, contact Tyrone Jean at

Student Organization Support

CMA serves as a primary home for many cultural and social justice organizations. Not only do we provide a reservable space for meeting and programming, our professional staff serve in advising roles for various student groups. Whether you belong to an existing organization that needs assistance or would like to start a new organization, feel free to contact us and we can assist you and/or connect you with other offices and centers that can assist. Additionally, if you are interested in connecting with a student organization that serves a particular cultural community or social justice cause, we can assist you with these inquiries as well.

For a list of cultural student organizations, visit: and click on "cultural" under the "Categories" section on the left side of the page.

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