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Multicultural Education

We support opportunities for students to intellectually explore issues about race, ethnicity, social economic status, national origin, and gender.

Culture Clash

Culture Clash is a series of exhibits hosted in the Alcove outside of the CMA Lounge. Culture Clash aims to provide multicultural and social justice education to build and/or strengthen bridges between different communities at Duke and beyond. The exhibit provides guests of the CMA to explore the intricacies of the human experience with the focus of building sustainable, authentic, and healthy relationships.

Fall 2013

Diversity of Latinos in the U.S.
Primer on Cultural Appropriation & Commodification
Impact of Indian Boarding School Policy

Spring 2014

Asian Diaspora in the United States
Diversity of Caribbean-Americans

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Embrace: A Women of Color Discussion Group

Embrace is an intimate gathering of student women of color interested in exploring and challenging their understanding of themselves and other women of color, in all our wonderful, complicated and sometimes frustrating diversity. The group will explore the myriad layers of exploitation and oppression in our lives, draw strength from our shared struggle, present feminist and womanist studies as a language for exploring experiences, develop a space of support and mentorship, and encourage holistic and authentic understanding of women's wellness.

This group is co-sponsored by CMA, the Women's Center and the Duke Student Wellness Center (DuWell).

Spring 2014 Events

  • Feb. 21 – Design Friday | 8pm | Arts Annex
  • March 1 – 2014 Embrace Conference | 8:30a – 6:30p | White Lecture Hall

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Race Speaks!

Race Speaks! is a three-pronged initiative developed by the Center that aims to increase self and social-awareness regarding the role that race plays in everyday life. Race Speaks includes the En/Countering Racism Series, a semesterly publication, and a digital storytelling campaign. By participating in this program, the desired outcome is for participants to increase their level of race-consciousness and become better equipped at developing authentic cross-racial relationships, identifying racial inequities, and advocating for positive change related to racial justice.

Previous Publications

Digital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling Advertisement

En/Countering Racism Dialogue Series
Fall 2013
     Sept. 5 – Racial Profiling
     Oct. 3 – Race & The Latino Community
     Nov. 7 – Countering Racism

Spring 2014
    Feb. 5 – Racial Justice Through Music
    March 5 – Interracial Friendships
    April 9  - Race, Sexuality, Power, Privilege

All events take place at 6pm in the CMA

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