Student Conduct

Faculty and Instructors

*NEW!* Flowchart for responding to suspected academic dishonesty available here.

Tips to Promote Academic Integrity in the Classroom
This part of our website is designed to give you information you need to help minimize the risks of academic integrity violations in the course(s) you teach.

On the Written Syllabus

  • Include the text of the Duke Community Standard
  • Set expectations for academic integrity in all aspects of the course
  • Provide specific guidelines for collaboration
  • Note standards for use of data, electronic translators, etc. specific to your discipline

In the Classroom

  • Be a role model (cite sources in lectures, etc.)
  • Highlight issues of academic integrity through ongoing discussion
  • Require students to write and sign a pledge on all assignments that their work was completed honestly
  • Instruct about proper research techniques, including note-taking strategies and citation methods
  • Inform students of such resources as the Writing Studio, reference texts, websites, etc.

As Follow-Up

  • Act on suspected cases of academic integrity violations (as required by the Faculty Handbook)
  • For undergraduates, call Office of Student Conduct in the Dean of Students Office (919-684-6938) to discuss appropriate steps
  • Discuss matter with student and inform him/her of referral of case to appropriate officials (for undergraduates, Office of Student Conduct)
  • Refer parent calls/email in reaction to a suspected case of academic dishonesty to the Office of Student Conduct. We want to reduce any stress that may be placed on you.
  • If incident occurs at the end of the semester, do not submit a course grade until matter resolved through the appropriate process. (Grading is at discretion of instructor, however.)

Academic Integrity

There are a number of on-campus offices (LINK to 3 Academic Integrity) and Duke University websites with information on proper research methods, citing sources, and avoiding plagiarism. Here are a few that can help you better understand the importance of academic integrity as a component of the Duke Community Standard.

Academic Dishonesty

Read more about our policies regarding Academic Dishonesty.