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Nutrition and Dietary Information

Staying healthy and fit starts with eating right, and at Duke, there are plenty of healthy dining options available. Duke Dining is committed to providing faculty, staff and students with a variety of nutritious food choices on campus.

The Duke community includes people from all over the world with different tastes and eating habits. Our diverse offerings are among the reasons that Duke has been ranked as the best in the nation for healthy campus food, according to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Please visit Duke Student Health Nutrition Services for more information.


Nutritional, Dietary & Food Allergen Resources

At Duke Dining Services we take your health and nutrition needs seriously, and hope to partner with you to make your dining experience at Duke safe and enjoyable. To that end we suggest that you get to know our café managers as they will be your best resource for allergen identification and special needs accommodations on an ongoing basis.

Food Allergies & Intolerances

If you have a qualified medical condition, you may request special dietary accommodations by filling out a request form.

Balance Your Plate

Balance Your Plate is an educational campaign, sponsored by Duke Student Health and Duke Dining, was developed to address the “how to” of healthy eating at a glance. A plate that regularly reflects choices from all food groups, in moderate portions, is a practical and easy way to stay healthy and manage your weight.

A balanced plate consists of approximately 50-65% carbohydrate (fruits, vegetables and whole grains), some lean protein and healthy fat, as well as some low fat dairy, if you choose.


The Food@Duke blog pulls in information about food from many aspects of campus, covering food related events, academics, dining and culinary, nutrition, sustainability, farm and gardens, culture and religion and student engagement. This blog is updates regularly and has an enormous storehouse of good, Duke food-related information.

Visit Food@Duke and look around.

Nutrition Videos

Whether you’re new to Duke or curious about what kind of dining options are best for you, there’s always a dietitian to help point you in the right direction. In the videos below, Director of Nutrition Services-Student Health Franca Alphin answers some common questions posed to her by members of the Duke community.

Stay Safe, Eat Well

Finding the Right Healthy Foods