Duke Student Wellness Center

About Us

The Duke Student Wellness Center is dedicated to fostering a living/learning environment on campus and within the surrounding community that encourages the full development of the individual as an engaged member of the community.

Our Mission
The mission of the Duke Student Wellness Center (DUWELL) is to promote the well-being of the Duke Community.

What we do at the Wellness Center?

The Student Wellness Center (DUWELL) helps students focus on their individual Wellness by looking at the integration of many areas of their life, including financial, social, spiritual, and intellectual well-being, self care, and the environment around them. Each of these dimensions of wellness is essential in maintaining harmony and balance in our lives.  We provide individual services, group outreach and act as consultants as well as a hub of information on wellness.

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What is Wellness?

Duke University advocates through the Student Wellness Center (DUWELL) that an individual's overall Wellness is an integration of many aspects of life.  DUWELL’s model of wellness is represented by the image of a tree, which includes the roots of a person, the trunk of self-care, and the branches representing the dimensions of wellness.  All parts of the model are interactive and interdependent.  The graphic depicts the parts that are involved in keeping the tree (person) alive and healthy.

Student Involvement Opportunities

The Duke Student Wellness Center directly engages students in a variety of health and wellness activities on campus. There are a number of ways students that are interested in Wellness can get involved with DUWELL.

For more information about involvement opportunities contact the Duke Student Wellness Center at 919-681-8421 or duwell@studentaffairs.duke.edu.

Reservable spaces

The Duke Student Wellness Center maintains classroom and meeting space that may be reserved by Duke staff, faculty, and students for University-affiliated meetings, programs, or events.

If you or your organization is interested in reserving one of our spaces, please download the form the Space Request Form and email the completed form to Michelle Johnson at duwell@studentaffairs.duke.edu or fax it to 919-684-1161.