Duke Student Wellness Center

DUWELL Resources

DUWELL offers a number of resources that can help individuals or groups improve their wellness and also serves as as a hub for connecting to other health and wellness related services on campus.


There are many ways you can can evaluate your own choices and well-being. DUWELL provides a few FREE resources for further reflection substance use choices and overall wellness:


Educational Materials

The Duke Student Wellness Center has a variety of practical and educational materials available to students interested in learning about health and wellness topics.  Whether you are looking for information to help you complete an academic project, have a personal interest, or are trying to organize materials for a program you’re organizing, we’re glad to help you find information and materials that would be useful. 

eMedia & Downloads

DUWELL staff have put together a list of recommended podcasts, apps, blogs,  and websites that are engaging, fun, and useful tools for students who want to improve or maintain their personal wellness.

eMedia & Downloads
Do you have a favorite Wellness-related podcast, app, or blog? We'd love to know about it! Send your suggestions to DUWELL at duwell@studentaffairs.duke.edu.

Other Campus Resources

The Duke Student Wellness Center is one of the many health and wellness resources offered at Duke University.  Visit the following links to explore what other campus resources are available to improve your health and wellness. 

Information for Parents & Families

The Duke Student Wellness Center (DUWELL) has an established comprehensive prevention program to help your students make the safest and healthiest decisions possible. We recognize that parents and family are the first line of defense against many unhealthy decisions that college students make.