Duke Student Wellness Center

Wellness Tips

Our Wellness Model integrates these five areas that impact an individual's overall well-being.  Each of these areas are equally important, so here are some quick tips to integrate into your life!

We'll do our best to keep adding new tips regularly!  If you have Wellness tips that work for you and want to share, send them to duwell@studentaffairs.duke.edu.

Social Wellness

Develop Relationships
•   Take the time to communicate and spend time with those your care about so you can develop relationships of mutual respect and support.

Get connected
•   Join one or two clubs or organizations that you are interested in, become involved and get connected to the Duke and Durham community.

Financial Wellness

You Reap What You Sow
•   A little bit of time spent planning and setting up good spending habits will help you build a stable financial future.

Be Authentic With Yourself
•   Are you a shopaholic?  Its ok! Just be honest with yourself on what you like to spend on.  Once you do that, budgeting can be a lot easier.


•   Try and get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night.  Does that seem impossible? Try to fill in nights you can't get the recommended sleep dose by taking naps- pencil them into your schedule to make sure there's time!

•   Eat regular, well-balanced meals (yes, your mom was right- you should eat lots of fruits and veggies).  Breakfast is especially important, so leave time to grab a bite before your morning class.

Intellectual Wellness

Explore Yourself
•   Take a class or try out an organization on something that interests you but you’ve never tried before
•   Build connections with professors from a variety of departments- schedule a meeting to ask them questions about their field, career path, etc,

Time Management
•   Remind yourself, "There is always enough time for the important things." If it is important, you should be able to make time to do it.
•   Plan your day each morning or the night before and set priorities for yourself.

Spiritual Wellness

Trust Your Intuition

  • Take the time to stop and listen to the voice inside of you- it often will help you find your direction, make choices, or let you know when something isn't right.

Explore what spirituality means to you.

Wellness in Your Environment

Clear out the Clutter
•   Take time each week to get rid of clutter in your residence hall room- especially on the floor so you limit the chance that you will trip or fall.

Throw Your Trash Away (or Recycle!)
•   Be courteous to others make sure your trash/recyclables make it to the right receptacle.  Especially at parties~this will help everyone out in lowering costs for the event