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Name: WISER Duke
Category: Common Interest
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Description: WISER Duke supports the Women's Institute for Secondary Education and Research in Muhuru Bay, Kenya. WISER is the first all-girls secondary boarding school and community center in this resource-poor setting on the shores of Lake Victoria. WISER is dedicated to improving education, health, and development outcomes for the entire community, and does this through various programming every year. WISER Duke strives to support the WISER NGO and the students at WISER by highlighting various global issues that make WISER a necessary addition to Muhuru Bay. These issues include gender disparities, access to education, and HIV prevention, among others. The group also works to financially support  the WISER NGO through various fundraisers conducted throughout the year. These fundraisers normally take place in the form of benefit concerts, clothing sales, documentary screenings, and activities around campus.