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Duke Organizing

Name: Duke Organizing
Category: Political/Activist
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Description: Duke Organizing (DO) is a community organizing group on campus that collectively focuses on issues that concern Duke students, faculty, staff, and Durham residents. Duke Organizing is part of a larger regional organization called Durham CAN (Congregations, Associations, and Neighborhoods) which organizes Durham citizens around various urgent issues and consists of over forty members insitutions including university chapters, neighborhood associations, and religious institutions. Unlike most civic engaged groups on campus that focus on issue-based advocacy, DO focuses on relationship-building. This self-sustainable model allows for issues to come and go but enables members to remain interested in all campaigns. DO does not believe in the paternalistic concept of direct service; rather, organizing strives to empower people to help themselves. DO's past succesful campaigns include creating an affordable local healthcare plan called Project Access,  developing a campus-wide Living Wage, and participating in a county-wide Durham Public School analysis.