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Duke University Cricket Club

Name: Duke University Cricket Club
Category: Sports (recreational)
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Description: It is our mission to make the game of Cricket accessible to any Duke undergraduate who wishes to play the game. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, and we are positive that there are a large number of Duke students that will take up the opportunity to enjoy the game if it is made readily available.   DUCC will also seek to compete competitively against local universities, such as UNC Chapel Hill, as well as against the local cricket clubs that compete in the Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference. Although most cricket matches occur during the summer months, the majority of the cricket club’s matches will occur towards the end of the spring semester and in the first half of the fall semester. During the winter months, we will seek to play indoor cricket. This is a common, but unconventional style of cricket that will keep the club playing and practicing during the winter months.   While emphasizing the athletic aspect of this club, it must also be mentioned that Cricket is a cultural activity as well. The Cricket Club will seek to blend a host of people from different backgrounds, people from India, to Australia, to the West Indies. It is our hope that Americans come to the club to learn the sport, but also to learn the culture of Cricket.