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Spring 2015 Housing and Dining Information

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Fall 2014 Housing Reassignment Information - Fall assignments are frozen on Monday, November 3.

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First year students: Staying at Duke over Thanksgiving break?  Don't miss these programs put on by your RAs and the East HDRL team.

Wednesday:  Dinner hosted by an RA in your neighborhood.  Eat with other students in your neighborhood, and watch the men's basketball game (home game vs. Furman University)
Thursday: Thanksgiving meal options differ by neighborhood, but you'll have someone to share Thanksgiving with, regardless of what neighborhood your in.  
Friday: A bus to Southpoint Mall from 12 – 6 pm will let you be a part of the Black Friday festivities!
Saturday: A meal hosted by an RA in your neighborhood before the football game (home game vs. Wake Forest).

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Housing, Dining and Residence Life manages all aspects of the university’s three-year undergraduate residency requirement. Residential programs are designed to build positive communities that value learning, create new opportunities for faculty engagement, and generate positive social connections. Read more.

Have You Heard?

Oct 06, 2014

October is one of the hardest months of the fall semester, especially for freshmen. Up until midterms, the first few weeks of class are a time for settling in, meeting new people, and trying out new clubs at Duke. After about a month of wavering between friend groups and activities, many freshmen start to wear out and become frustrated with their experience. Around this same time, they are taking their first midterms and writing their first papers, adding to the overall stress of feeling uncomfortable here.

Midterms can leave freshmen shocked and disappointed with themselves. Most of them are accustomed to being straight-A, top of the class students, and they expect to continue this successful academic trend in college. It’s frustrating to work as hard in college as in high school, but receive substantially lower scores. In many math and science classes, the average test grade can be lower than 50%, and even though the freshmen know their classmates all failed the test with them, it’s still hard for them to feel comfortable with the score.

Sep 15, 2014

As a junior I thought I was prepared for the upcoming school year, especially in my role as a second year RA on East Campus. I expected my life to be relatively similar to my sophomore year in Bell Tower, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the changes that have come with a new RA team in Blackwell this year. Not only do I have 34 new freshmen in my hallway, but I also have five new RA’s who have become my residence life family.

Even as an RA, I sometimes feel slightly out of place being an upperclassman on a freshman campus. It’s hard to maintain relationships with the people in my own class because I live far away, and sometimes it’s difficult to be close friends with freshmen because they view RA’s as an authority. But that’s why it’s important to have a few RA friends who are in the same situation. Facing the same challenges brings us closer together, and when the RA team is strong, the overall community of the dorm is stronger, too.


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