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Undergraduate Housing Requirements

Duke University adheres to the belief that the on-campus residential experience is an important part of undergraduate life and education. The University has long been committed to an active and meaningful residential experience for its undergraduate students. It is for this reason that the Trustees require all undergraduates to live on campus for their first three years (six semesters). Residence for one or more semesters in study away programs will count toward the three-year requirement. The University expects that all on-campus residents will be full-time students. Part-time students are not eligible for University housing.

Questions about the residency requirement should be directed to the Housing Assignments Office, 919-684-4304, or housing@studentaffairs.duke.edu.


House and Room Selection Information 2015-2016

Information for undergraduate students seeking on-campus housing for the 2015-2016 academic year is below. Students should take time to review the information, attend information sessions, and email questions to the housing assignments office. Students are responsible for all deadlines and in person requirements.  All undergraduate students are required to complete the housing application. Students who do not participate in the process and do not meet the residency requirement, will be assigned to housing over the summer.

Housing Extensions

Graduating seniors do not need to apply for an extension.  We will contact you in mid-April to confirm that you are pre-approved for an extension.  If you are graduating and do not hear from us, please contact us so we can update your status and approve your extension.

Assignment and Reassignment for Undergraduate Students

Housing Reassignment During Semesters
Once the academic year semester has begun, the Housing Assignments office works with Residence Life staff to determine housing reassignments for students. Students, who are not part of Selective Living Groups (SLG’S), should communicate with his/her Residence Coordinator (RC) about the need for reassignment.  SLG members (and friends of house) should communicate with his/her housing liaison and/or SLG leadership.

The RC will work with the Housing Assignments office, and if it is determined that the student will be reassigned, the Housing Assignments office will email a reassignment application to the student’s Duke email account to complete the reassignment process.

For Residence Coordinator contact information visit the About Us link on the HDRL web site.

Summer Housing

Summer housing is available for students enrolled in classes or working for the University. Reasons for living on campus in the summer include:

  • I am an undergraduate student planning to attend Summer Session I (traditional or intensive), Summer Session II (traditional or intensive) or both summer sessions (traditional).
  • I am an undergraduate student planning to work at Duke this summer.
  • I am a graduate student continuing my academic program this summer

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2014-2015 Housing License and Terms

2014-2015 License to Occupy Residence Hall or Central Campus Space

Duke University licenses each resident to occupy a residence hall or Central Campus Apartment bedspace for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters when University housing is officially open for occupancy.  Housing, Dining and Residence Life publishes the official residence hall and apartment opening and closing dates and recess periods.  This License automatically terminates if a resident officially withdraws, graduates or ceases for any reason to be a full-time, degree-seeking student.

2015-2016 Undergraduate Housing Rates

2015-2016 Undergraduate Room & Apartment Rates

2015-2016 Housing License and Terms

2015-2016 License to Occupy Residence Hall or Central Campus Space

Eligibility for Housing

Full-Time Student Status
Full-time undergraduate students who have lived on-campus for under eight semesters are eligible for housing. Students entering their ninth or greater semester may request housing, but will only be assigned if space is available after assigning students covered by the four-year housing guarantee.

Full-time degree-seeking graduate students are eligible for housing on Central Campus or Swift Avenue.

Part-Time Student Status
The University expects that all on-campus residents will be full-time students. Part-time students are not eligible for University housing. Students who expect to be part-time and who wish to live on-campus may submit a request for an exception to this policy.

Housing Cancellations

The forfeiture of housing eligibility occurs when a student becomes a part-time student, is withdrawn from the University, or is academically dismissed. 

HDRL will cancel housing assignments based on attrition information from the deans or program participation information from the Office of Study Abroad. The student will become eligible for housing when they are readmitted as a full-time degree seeking student.

  • Room Selection: Students who are not yet confirmed to be returning for the Fall semester may participate in room selection for Fall. If you are not an active student by July, your housing assignment will be cancelled and all associated rent and fees will be credited to your Bursar account.
  • Spring Housing: Students must be confirmed to be returning in order to request and receive a Spring housing assignment.

On-Campus Housing Requirement

All undergraduate students are required to live on-campus for their first three years (six semesters) at Duke.  Additionally, students are guaranteed four years (eight semesters) of on-campus housing. All first-year students reside on East Campus. Sophomores, juniors and seniors may live on West Campus or Central Campus.

What counts towards the requirement?

  • Fall and Spring semesters spent living on East, West, or Central campus.
  • Semesters spent in university approved study abroad/study away programs.

What does not count towards the requirement?

  • Summer session housing.
  • Semesters on leave of absence.

Active students still bound by the three-year requirement who do not have an on-campus housing assignment will be contacted to make arrangements for an assignment. Students will be charged for the room size to which they are assigned. Students who do not follow through on an assignment request will be charged for the room size most commonly occupied by members of their class year.

Immunization Requirements

All students are required to complete certain immunizations prior to their arrival on-campus. Deadline for submitting completed immunization records is June 30th.

Immunization Requirements

Please review the instructions for form completion carefully and complete the Duke Immunization Requirements Form as soon as possible so that we can follow up with you if needed before you arrive on campus. Choose and print the appropriate form from the immunization requirements page.

You must enter your immunization and health history information online. Log in using your Duke Net ID, then click on the "Forms" link on the left menu bar. Please note that you are not considered compliant until you also fax, mail or email us a copy of the official signed immunization record. Duke's required immunizations are those required by North Carolina Statutes; therefore, you must prove your immunization compliance in advance of entering classes.


Semesters spent living in on-campus housing determine your housing seniority. Seniority is not based on academic standing or other criteria. Students returning from a leave of absence or other approved time away from campus will receive housing seniority based on the semesters they have lived in on-campus housing.

Move Dates

Summer School Move Dates

  • Traditional Term 1 (6 weeks) move-in is Tuesday, May 13, 2014.
  • Traditional Term 1 (6 weeks) move-out is Friday, June 27, 2014.
  • Intensive Term 1 (4 weeks) move-in is Tuesday, May 13, 2014.
  • Intensive Term 1 (4 weeks) move-out is Sunday, June 7, 2014.
  • Traditional Term 2 (6 weeks) move-in is Sunday, June 29, 2014.
  • Traditional Term 2 (6 weeks) move-out is Monday, August 11, 2014.
  • Intensive Term 2 (4 weeks) move-in is Sunday, June 29, 2014.
  • Intensive Term 2 (4 weeks) move-out is Friday, July 25, 2014.

Fall 2014 Move Dates

  • Fall move-in for first-year students is Tuesday, August 19, 2014.
  • Fall move-in for returning students begins Friday, August 22, 2014.
  • Fall move-out for students not returning for the spring 2015 semester is Monday, December 15, 2014 by noon.
  • Residence halls close for fall semester 2014 at noon on Monday, December 15, 2014.

Spring 2015 Move Dates

  • Spring move-in (residence halls open) is Saturday, January 3, 2015.
  • Spring move out is Monday, May 4 by noon.

All undergraduate students are expected to vacate their room or apartment at noon on the days the residence halls close. Students with exceptions to stay beyond closing are approved by the Housing Assignments Office (housing@studentaffairs.duke.edu). Students staying after the official closing date may be charged additional rent.    

Roommate Bill of Rights

The Roommate Bill of Rights
During your first weeks of school, your Resident Assistant will be asking you to formally address some of the issues you have discussed by completing a “Roommate Living Agreement.” This document assists you in understanding and communicating needs and expectations related to study time, sleep time, cleanliness, guests, shared use of personal belongings, shared expenses, etc.

This Bill of Rights defines mutual responsibilities among roommates. Each person has a basic right to:

  • Live in a clean space
  • Expect that your roommate(s) will respect your personal belongings
  • Study in your room without unreasonable distraction
  • Sleep in your room without unreasonable disruption
  • Free access to your room
  • Expect that guests will visit during mutually established hours
  • A limited degree of personal privacy
  • Live in an environment free of harassment and/or intimidation

Roommate Finder

Roommate Finder
Please note - this site is for Duke students seeking on-campus roommates.

The roommate finder will go live for first-year housing in May 2015.

In order to post your information in the finder, submit a roommate finder entry. We'll post your information (pending approval of the content) on this site for other students to view. You can request that your information be removed at any time. If you choose to submit a roommate finder entry, please note that information posted can be viewed by anyone.

Special Medical Housing Need Requests

Medical and Disabilities Needs
Special Housing Request Procedures

Housing, Dining and Residence Life (HDRL) works in conjunction with the Student Disability Access Office (SDAO) and the Student Health Center (SHC) to ensure consistency in evaluating special housing accommodation requests.  The SDAO and the SHC review requests and share approved student needs with HDRL.  Students with approved needs will be offered priority for placement in available space that meets their needs.

Transgender Housing

Housing, Dining and Residence Life (HDRL) prohibits discrimination and harassment, and provides equal on-campus housing opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, or age.

If you are a transgender or transsexual student who has specific housing needs, please contact MJ Williams, the Director of Housing Assignments and Planning in HDRL.  For additional University, support please contact Bernadette Brown, Director of the Center for Sexual and Gender Identity, or Dr. Benjamin Reese, Vice President of the Office of Institutional Equity. 

HDRL consistently recognizes and respects the gender identity that students have established with the department.  Recognizing that students are not all alike, but have different needs and desires, HDRL addresses student concerns on a case-by-case basis.


Mercury landing page. For test purposes.

Selective Living Group Housing Information

Sections of the residential community have been designated for greek and social selective living groups, known collectively as SLGs. Membership is determined by the student members of these groups and usually conducted through a recruitment process. SLGs are responsible for their group assignments and must adhere to the processes and timelines outlined by Housing Assignments.

Amenities on West by House

The House Amenities table contains information about rooms and other amenities within each independent house on West campus. The numbers for room types could change between now and room selection as a result of administrative updates. Nevertheless, we anticipate the contents in this table to be helpful to you in completing your housing application.

Amenities on West by House