Housing, Dining & Residence Life (HDRL)

First-Year Residential Experience

Welcome home to East Campus and Duke’s First-Year Experience!

All first-year Duke undergraduates live together on historic East Campus, a residential approach that fosters a close-knit community. You may arrive not knowing anyone, but you will quickly meet classmates and start building friendships that will grow throughout your time at Duke and beyond.

The First-Year experience introduces you to the Duke focus of growing and learning in both formal and impromptu situations from peers as well as professors. You’ll meet people from diverse backgrounds and explore new interests and possibilities. From your home on East Campus, you’ll quickly discover Durham’s restaurants, shops and arts destinations that begin on the neighboring blocks, and you’ll explore the rest of Duke, which is an easy walk, bike or bus ride away along Campus Drive.


A variety of activities have been developed by students, faculty and staff to provide first-year students opportunities for great both social and intellectual experiences on and off campus. Explore these events with friends. Meet new people. Join faculty on trips both local and regional.

There's much to do, so explore!

East Campus Housing

East Campus at Duke University includes fourteen residence halls of varying size and architecture where all first year students reside. East Campus has a unique historical role, as it was once the site of the former Trinity College and the Woman’s College from 1930-1972. In 1995, East Campus transitioned to being home for the first-year students. The residence halls on East Campus are grouped into four “neighborhoods” based on their location and proximity to each other.