Housing, Dining & Residence Life (HDRL)

Housing Communities

East Campus

First-year assignments are done on a random basis. Duke University is committed to encouraging our students to embrace new experiences, and our random assignment process allows students to be exposed to a myriad of cultures, viewpoints, and value systems. We make every effort to meet the preferences (roommate, room type, medical needs, etc.) for students returning all required materials by the deadline. However, we are unable to guarantee that a student’s preferences will be met.

West Campus

West campus is populated by Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. West Campus is organized into seven residential quads, each managed by a live-in Residence Coordinator. Quads are also staffed by at least one Graduate Resident and 10-16 Resident Assistants. Edens and Few Quads are also home to a Faculty-in-Residence.

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Central Campus

Twenty-six houses (three independent, one administrative, and twenty-two SLG) combine to for Duke University’s Central Campus.  Housing approximately 1,000 sophomore, junior, and senior students, Central Campus offers amenities such as a swimming pool, basketball courts, soccer field, small gym, group study r

Selective Living Groups on Campus

Sections of the residential community have been designated for greek and social selective living groups, known collectively as SLGs. Membership is determined by the student members of these groups and usually conducted through a recruitment process. SLGs are responsible for their group assignments and must adhere to the processes and timelines outlined by Housing Assignments.

2015-2016 SLG Assignments Timeline
February 4 – 6 - Application window for students is open

Living/Learning Communities

Non-Selective Living Group Locations

Housing, Dining and Residence Life does not oversee the publication or content of individual group websites and is not responsible for the content within group pages. Groups may contact us to have their link updated.