International House (IHouse)

IHouse Programs

International House offers diverse cross-cultural programs to help students, scholars, and Duke community members from all over the world learn from each other and become open-minded global citizens.

Connect. Learn. Grow. (CLG Series) Workshop Series

Connect. Learn. Grow. (CLG) Workshop Series provides richer and deeper level of information and advice beyond our regular orientation. Often times international students and scholars are overwhelmed by so much information they get during orientation period, and many pieces of valuable information may get lost. IHouse offers international students and scholars further opportunities to learn how to navigate their life at Duke and in Durham.

Spring 2015 schedule (Thursdays 5:00 pm ~ 6:30 pm)

  • 1/15  Welcome/Welcome Back Party: Celebrate the start of a new semester as well as the 50th Anniversary of IHouse!
  • 1/22  Cooking 101: Preparing a Soup-er Delicious Dinner: Learn necessary culinary skills in preparing a traditional winter dinner of chili and cornbread.  Location: Smith Warehouse, 2nd floor, Bay 6.
  • 1/29  American Football 101: Become familiar with the basics of American football and enjoy tasty tailgate food.    
  • 2/5   Black Popular Music: Join us as we celebrate Black History Month and talk about music from spirituals to hip-hop.
  • 2/12  American Common Courtesy: American students from Duke will share about appropriate manners and levels of courtesy in the U.S.
  • 2/19  Introduction to U.S. Taxes: This workshop will help you better understand the U.S. tax system and its implications for international students & scholars at Duke.
  • 2/26  Immigration Issues: William Stock from Klasko Immigration and Nationality Law will discuss the various employment options for international students & scholars.
  • 3/5   Speak Up for Yourself: Learn how to create and communicate healthy boundaries for yourself at work and home.
  • 3/19  Reading Scientific Journal Articles: Learn some methods for reading scientific journal articles quickly & effectively.  3/20 (Friday) Outdoor Adventures Trip: Celebrate the first day of spring with a trip to Lake Crabtree.  Cost is $8 & includes lunch, hiking, and mountain biking.  

(This is a tentative schedule which is subject to change if needed)

We are looking for a volunteer who will write a blog post for IHouse after attending our CLG workshops. If you are interested in contributing, please email SangHee Jeong at including the workshop you want to attend and write about.

If you need more information about a specific CLG topic, please keep an eye on the IHouse announcements on our Facebook Page ( If you have ideas for new topics, please let us know. Contact I-House at for more information.

Duke Language Partners

The Duke Language Partners program matches non-native speakers with native speakers of various languages for weekly conversation exchange. You can meet with your language partner anytime depending on your schedules, but we recommend you to meet at least once a week. Through the program, you can practice a foreign language, learn about another culture and gain language-tutoring experience as well. Please email Sanghee Jeong for more information.

Apply to be a Duke Language Partner.

Download the Duke Language Partners Brochure.

English Conversation Club

Each Monday from 5:15 to 6:15pm, International House provides a casual, small-group setting where all members of the Duke community--students, scholars, spouses, and staff--can practice conversational English.

Topics include American culture, social systems, and issues related to daily life. Come and you will have chances to share your experience in the U.S. with others. Through discussions in small groups, you will also learn about other cultures from various countries.

Continued attendance is not necessary but recommended.

Please email Sanghee Jeong for more information.

Spanish Conversation Club

Are you interested in speaking the second-most spoken and studied language in the United States?  Practice your conversation Spanish and meet people from around the world, including native Spanish speakers. Our conversations are informal and interesting. 

Every Monday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm at International House. For more information, contact Luis Vergara.

Check out Spanish Conversation Club Facebook page.

Chinese Conversation Club

Are you learning Chinese? Do you want to practice the language and learn more of the Chinese culture? Come and join our brand new Chinese Conversation Club.

We recommend that you have basic knowledge of Chinese language (equivalent to Chinese 101) so that you can enjoy conversation in Chinese.

Native Chinese speakers are welcome to participate as volunteers and help learners from other cultures to improve their Chinese.

Questions? Email Sanghee Jeong for more information.
Check the Chinese Conversation Club website for previous topics and practice materials

International Friends Program

The International Friends Program pairs incoming internationals with locals to promote friendship and culture exchange. Local citizens may wish to learn more about another country, reconnect with a country in which they have lived or traveled, or assist someone settling in to life in Durham. Internationals may wish to learn about U.S. and local culture, customs, traditions and daily life.

Applicants are matched based on interests. Participants must commit to continuing their partnership for one academic year. Friends are expected to meet for at least 3 times per semester.

Please email Paige Vinson for more information.

Global Cafe

Global Café is a weekly informal gathering that brings together members of the Duke community - students, international scholars, exchange students, spouses and staff!

Come to the International House to join old friends or make new ones over FREE coffee, tea, and pastries!

WHERE? International House, 300 Alexander Ave. You can park at the back of IHouse, or you can reach us by taking C2 bus (East-Central-West bus) from the bus stop in front of Duke Chapel. 

WHEN? 9:30 -10:30 am on Fridays

Come and take a bite out of our delicious world!

Questions? Contact for more information.

Meet Your World At Duke Series

We have the opportunity to learn about people and cultures from all over the world since we have international students, scholars, and spouses from over 107 countries here at Duke.

Global Engagement Program

Engaging with international students and helping them acclimate to American culture is a great asset for domestic students’ professional development and leadership development. Expanding your knowledge about other cultures and navigating how to socialize with people of different cultural backgrounds is a valuable learning experience, especially in an increasingly globalized job market.

International House, in collaboration with the Career Center, has developed the Global Engagement Program to provide domestic students with beneficial interactions with international students and scholars at Duke, and to prepare them to be true global citizens who make positive impacts around them.

In the Global Engagement Program, selected students will be involved in International House educational activities for a semester and receive training on cross-cultural awareness and communication, as well as global career and leadership development. Upon successful completion of the program, students will get a certificate that is officially endorsed by International House and the Career Center, which can be used to strengthen their resume.

International Education Week

International Education Week (November 17-21, 2014) is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to promote programs that prepare students for the global environment as well as attract students and scholars from around the world to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States.

Duke will host a variety of events to celebrate International Education Week:

Choose your team of 4 and compete against other Duke students, staff, and faculty in a game of global trivia. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams, sponsored by Duke University Stores.

Must register your team by November 14:

  • International Movie Night screening of Crossing Borders-Thursday, November 20
    7:00pm at the International House


Crossing Borders is a 70-minute documentary that follows four Moroccan and four American university students as they travel together through Morocco and, in the process of discovering "The Other," discover themselves. With group travels and frank discussions, the students confront the complex implications of the supposed "clash of civilizations" between Islam and the West. The relationships formed through shared experiences contrast sharply with the media-shaped views Americans and Muslims have of each other. Humor, honesty and a willingness to be challenged all bring individuals closer to each other and the relationships that develop disarm hidden stereotypes.

International Movie Night is hosted by International House and the Libraries.

  • Global Café-Friday, November 21, 9:30am at International House

Join the Duke community for coffee from around the world and delicious pastries.