Jewish Life at Duke

About Us

As a department within the Division of Student Affairs, Jewish Life at Duke serves as the home for Jewish life on campus. Within the Freeman Center for Jewish Life, one can find the department of Jewish Life at Duke and the accredited Rubenstein-Silvers Hillel. The Freeman Center for Jewish Life serves as a home away from home for all those seeking to engage with the Jewish community while at Duke. Students, staff, and faculty come together to create a vibrant, diverse and pluralistic Jewish environment. We are here to help celebrate holidays, make friends, enjoy a good meal, discuss Israel, as well as connect those interested with amazing Jewish opportunities to campus, at home and throughout the world.

The mission of Jewish Life at Duke is to inspire Jewish students through community building, collaborative ventures, leadership opportunities, and educational experiences.

The vision of Jewish Life at Duke is a Duke community where student growth is rooted in Jewish values, ethic, and traditions.


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The Freeman Center

Built in 1999, the striking 17,500-square-foot Freeman Center for Jewish Life stands at the corner of Campus Drive and Swift Avenue on Duke’s Central Campus. Students study in the classrooms and take advantage of the on-site E-Print station while also hanging out in the Paresky Lounge, enjoying the game tables in the Tabak Family Commons Area, and holding meetings in the Sassower Library.  Shabbat and Holiday services are held upstairs in the Levenson-Lerner Sanctuary. Henry’s Place in the Heyman Dining Hall serves a homestyle kosher buffet that is included in DukeCard meal plans. Kosher dining is available Monday - Thursday from 5:00pm until 8:00pm for $16.15 (for those not on the DukeCard meal plan). There is also a discount meal card good for 10 meals for $144.00.

Visit Freeman Center staff offices from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Study and hang out from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Students, access the building using your DukeCard. The building also has wireless internet access and on-site kosher dining.

For more information regarding renting the Freeman Center for Jewish Life, please contact Renee Moore, office coordinator.

For more information regarding the Freeman Center for Jewish Life's Kashrut Policy, please click here.

Jewish Life on Campus

The Jewish community on campus is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students as well as staff and faculty across the university. Jewish students comprise more than ten percent of the undergraduate and graduate student population. Our pluralistic approach to Judaism assures that all Jews, regardless of affiliation, feel welcome in the building and at programs. Jewish students are active in the campus Jewish community and are leaders and members of many student organizations, athletic teams and academic endeavors. Students at Duke have the opportunity to pursue coursework in Jewish Studies as well as Hebrew Language and Culture. Jewish student life at Duke is enhanced as a result of active and diverse student leaders and student organizations that host a wide variety of programs focused on social, cultural, educational, religious, political and community service opportunities as well as engaging with Israel on all levels.

Read more about Duke University trustee David M. Rubenstein’s recent gift to Jewish Life at Duke to expand programming, fund building renovations and enhance the college experience for Jewish students.

Jewish Life at Duke Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for Jewish Life at Duke University is comprised of alumni, parents and friends of Jewish Life at Duke who provide advice, assistance, and support to Jewish Life at Duke on campus and in their home communities.  If you are interested in learning more about the Advisory Board, please contact Rebecca Simons, Director for Jewish Life at Duke.