Jewish Life at Duke

Shabbat and Holidays

Celebrate Shabbat and Jewish Holidays with your Jewish Life at Duke family.


Jewish Life at Duke celebrates Shabbat  each Friday night that classes are in session and welcomes all members of the Duke community to join us! Shabbat programming begins at 6:00pm unless otherwise specified.

Please register for dinner before 5pm each Thursday so that we can prepare enough home-cooked food for everyone to enjoy and have enough time to accommodate special dietary needs. Shabbat dinner from Jewish Life at Duke is always free to Duke students thanks to the generosity of the Benenson family.

On certain Friday nights, Jewish Life at Duke runs an alternative Shabbat opportunity. Shabbat-To-Go gives students a unique opportunity to host a Shabbat meal in a space that is comfortable to them. Students are able to apply for funding to supplement their meals and are encouraged to open their meal to friends. Click here for the guidelines and application.

In recent years, we have held Israel Shabbat, Rainbow Shabbat, Superbowl Shabbat, Shabbat 101, Shabbat in K-Ville, Shabbat To Go and many more! To get involved in the planning of Shabbat at Duke, e-mail

Register for Shabbat dinner HERE or go to

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah at Duke is a celebratory time to bring the campus community together and start a new year. We hold Reform and Conservative services in the Freeman Center for Jewish Life and encourage student involvement.

Register for all High Holiday meals here or at

Ticket Information for Services
Services do not require registration.

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur at Duke provides the campus community a space to come together in prayer.  We hold Reform and Conservative services in the Freeman Center for Jewish Life and encourage student involvement.

Register for all High Holiday meals here or at

Ticket Information for Services
Services do not require registration.


Hanukkah is one of the most celebrated Jewish holidays and at Duke we make sure to honor this!

Latkapalooza has become a staple event in the fall semester and attracts students from all across campus. Jewish Life at Duke partners with the Jewish Student Union to bring this annual celebration to life each year. With hundreds of latkes, plenty of dreidels, unlimited amounts of gelt, Latkapalooza is a  ‘don’t miss’ event!

Passover at Duke

Jewish Life at Duke strives to make Passover at Duke as much like home as possible.  On the first and second night of Passover, Jewish Life at Duke hosts seders that are open to the campus community. In addition, students have the option of hosting their own seder! In recent years, there have been at least 17 different seders hosted on campus attended by over 650 students.

Throughout the holiday, kosher dinning is available three meals a day at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life as well as select locations on campus. For more information about kosher for Passover dining, e-mail Jewish Life at Duke.

More details about Passover 2015 will be available in the spring.

Other Holidays

We offer special gatherings and activities for many other Jewish holidays throughout the year, including: