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Our Jewish community needs your support.

Jewish Life at Duke needs your help to fund the religious, educational, and social programs and services that unite and enliven our Jewish community – and to educate others on campus about Jewish life and traditions.

Tobacco Road Tzedakah Cup!

Class of 2000-2015, WE NEED YOU!

Announcing the first ever Tobacco Road Tzedakah Cup – a fundraising contest between Jewish Life at Duke and UNC-CH’s Hillel’s young alumni.  Whichever group raises more money in the period surrounding the two Duke-Carolina basketball games, wins the cup.   

If we win, we bask in the glory and take home the first official Tobacco Road Tzedakah Cup. If we lose, Jewish Life at Duke staff and the Jewish Student Union (JSU) will be forced to wear UNC’s gear - and post photos to prove it.

But we’ve got a lot a stake here besides just pride. Jewish Life at Duke relies almost entirely on donations from alumni and friends to fund all of our great programs.  

Click here to make your donation today. Make sure to follow our new Jewish Alumni of Duke University Facebook page to stay up to date on our progress.
Official Rules:

  • Gifts must be made between February 15th and March 11th, with the winner announced the following week.  Pledges will not be included in the totals unless paid before the contest ends.
  • Donors must be class of 2000-2014 Duke alumni or current Duke seniors.
  • The winning school will be awarded the Tobacco Road Tzedakah Cup and will keep it in residence for the year.
  • Staff and Jewish Students Union members from the losing school will wear the winning school’s gear and post photos as public proof of its humiliating defeat.

Meet this year's needs

While we receive support from Duke University, Jewish life at Duke must raise substantial funds to cover annual operating costs and to continue our full range of offerings on an annual basis. Duke parents and alumni are our most significant source of support. We welcome contributions in any amount.

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Secure the future

We’re also work to establish endowments that will ensure the vitality of the Jewish community at Duke forever.  Unrestricted endowments begin at $50,000, and endowments of $100,000 or more may be designated to support specific interest, projects, and critical areas of interest to you.

Top priorities include a Rabbinic Endowment to provide permanent funding for our campus rabbi; an Experiential Education Fund to help students learn firsthand about the Jewish Diaspora, the Holocaust and Jewish values; and a Passover Endowment to enable seders both at the Freeman Center and across campus.

Discuss your interests with Rebecca Simons, Director for Jewish Life at Duke, by calling 919-681-2911  or e-mail her at


Once you have been part of Duke’s Jewish community as a student, you remain part of our family for life. We welcome our alumni back to campus any time, but especially for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, when we host receptions and invite alums to join us for Shabbat at our beautiful Freeman Center.

Plan to join us for Homecoming or Reunion Weekend.

Our alumni also offer financial gifts that enable many of the programs we offer – just as previous alumni once supported the offerings they enjoyed as students.

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