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    Events include movie screenings, speakers, campus prayers services, and more.

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    The Muslim Student Association at Duke University is the premier Muslim students group on campus and plays a central role in bringing the Duke Muslim community together.

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    Religious Activities

    Feast and Festivals are a part of everyday human life.  More than likely the origins of these feast and festivals can be traced back to the societies past religious practices, rituals, or to commemorate an event.

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Who We Are: 

Muslim Life at Duke is committed to enriching the lives of Muslim students and the whole campus through events and activities that cater to the spiritual, social and intellectual needs of Duke students.  Read more.

Have You Heard?

Nov 22, 2013

A friar, an imam and a rabbi walk into a lounge … This might sound like the start of a joke, but actually, it’s the start of an interfaith gathering on campus. The Duke Chapel Lounge is not a 70s-era bar with dim lighting, fruity drinks and mood music, but it is a place where connections are made and interfaith interaction happens on a regular basis. This semester, in particular, a motivated group of students has channeled their own sense of religious commitment and activism into a series of programs that transcend faith boundaries and highlight a common call for peace both in the world and in themselves. 

In September the Undergraduate Faith Council (UFC) designed a pilgrimage for peace

Sep 10, 2013

Duke students and faculty wrote down prayers on little index cards Saturday and placed them in a bag at the Duke Center for Muslim Life. At the end of the night, everyone took turns unfolding the cards and reading the well wishes aloud.

Let the Syrian people regain the justice and dignity they deserve. May Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down and make way for a new, peaceful government. May all mothers know that their children are safe.

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