Office of the Vice President


A variety of projects and initiatives taking place around campus are run in conjunction with Student Affairs. Below are some of the current projects of interest.

West Union Renovation

Through a generous gift from The Duke Endowment, Duke is now able to restore West Union’s prominence as Duke’s student living room, premier dining facility and lively center of student engagement and activity. When renovated, West Union will feature one of the finest dining facilities in the country, serving students faculty and staff with particularly focus on enhancing the undergraduate community experience. Interactions with faculty, house dining experiences and casual conversation over meals will all be supported in a dining environment offering extraordinary food choices and featuring of many local products and nutritious options.

Follow the West Union Renovation blog.

Kenan-Biddle Partnership

The Kenan-Biddle Partnership, funded by the William R. Kenan Charitable Trust and The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, offers $5,000 grants to accepted project proposals that enhance the intellectual life at both universities by strengthening established or encouraging new collaborations between Duke and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Partnership awards approximately $50,000 in grant funds annually.

Projects must have a student or students who serve as the project initiator. Proposals should be designed to stimulate collaborative arts, sciences and humanities projects between the two universities. The proposal should be specific about the activities and duties the participants would undertake and must include at least one public exhibition, presentation or performance. Preference will be given to proposals made jointly by students from both institutions.