Resource Administration


Procurement Card

If your duties and responsibilities require purchasing or travel and your department head has given approval for issuance of a Corporate Card:

  1. Complete an Individual Card Holder Application.
  2. Bring/mail the form to Financial & Payroll Services (FPS), 102 Flowers Bldg./Box 90951, after it has been signed by your department chair/dean/director.
  3. FPS staff will review the form and fax it, along with a departmental setup form, to Employee Travel and Reimbursement (ETR) for processing.
  4. Cardholders are normally notified via email from ETR within 10 business days that their card is available.
  5. The email contains available pickup dates and locations for cardholder training.  Training must be attended before the Corporate Card is released to the employee.
  6. Download and review the Duke Corporate Card Manual.