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Conceptual Framework

Since the office’s inception in October 2006, concentrated energy has been invested in a needs analysis and the development of a Professional Development Curriculum for the creation of a community of learners. Canvassing the Division, both formally and informally, a curriculum was created as a model for practice in concert and operating with the Divisional Strategic Goals:

  • Student Development Theory and Guiding Practice
  • Organizational Culture
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Division Enhancement
  • Technology
  • Culturally Responsive Practice


Phone: (919) 684-3737

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm

Location: 101 Bryan Center

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Post-PD Resources

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Division Opportunities

Log on to pdPortfolio for Student Affairs professional development opportunities

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Policy on Professional Development Attendance

Adherence to attending professional development opportunities is important for planning and in consideration of the facilitator.  When there are meals or other costs associated with an event, there will be a cancellation charge to the department for late cancellation and "no shows."

External Opportunities

There are a variety of opportunities available within the Duke community and beyond that will help you expand your knowledge base

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