Student Health

Make an Appointment

If you are experiencing a sore throat or symptoms from a cold or a flu-like illness, please click here for tips.

Appointments may be scheduled via phone at 919-681-9355 or online through the Duke MyChart patient portal. To access this portal, click on the link below.

You must have a MyChart account to schedule an appointment online. If you do not have a MyChart account, please follow the instructions below to obtain an account.

Once you have logged into the portal, you will notice a table of contents on the left-hand side of the home page. Click “Appointments” and additional options will appear. You have two options for appointments as follows:

1) Schedule an Appointment – Use this option to directly schedule an appointment with a provider at Student Health. When you click on “Schedule an Appointment,” you will be taken through a multi-step process to schedule and confirm an appointment (refer to detailed instructions below). Please utilize the visit type definitions below when selecting the type of visit for your appointment. Please also note the provider restrictions below when selecting your appointment.
2) Request an Appointment – Use this option if you do not wish to directly schedule an appointment. This option allows you to identify appointment times that work for you (i.e. Monday afternoon or Wednesday morning, etc.). These requests are forwarded to a scheduling pool monitored by our personnel who may schedule an appointment based on the information provided or may respond with a request for additional information.

Instructions for Scheduling an Appointment

Once you have clicked on “Schedule an Appointment,” please follow these instructions:

1) Step One – In the drop-down box, select “Student Health – For Duke Students Only” and the click Continue.
2) Step Two – You will be asked to verify your demographics the first time you schedule an appointment online. You must either edit or click the checkbox to confirm that the information is correct.
3) Step Three – Choose the specific visit type for your appointment and click Continue. Please refer to the list below for visit type definitions.
4) Step Four – The location should default to “Duke Student Health.” Click Continue.
5) Step Five – Enter your preferred dates (i.e. from 10/28/13 to 10/30/13, etc.). Preferred times are optional. Click Continue.
6) Step Six – Choose the specific appointment from the list provided and click Continue. Details include the date, time, and provider.
7) Step Seven – Enter the reason for your visit in the Comment box and click Make Appointment. You will not be able to make the appointment until you enter a comment.
8) Step Eight – Review the appointment details and confirm the appointment. Once the appointment has been made, you will be able to view the details under “Upcoming Appts” in the “Appointments” section from the home page.

Visit Type Definitions

Please utilize the following details when selecting the type of visit you would like to schedule:

Office Visit: A general visit to address a medical concern.
Follow Up: A follow-up visit for a current medical condition that has been evaluated by a Student Health provider.
Physical: A complete physical exam (such as an annual physical).
Allergy Routine: A routine visit for allergy shots after you have had an initial visit. Please call 919-681-9355 if you have not yet had an initial visit. Please only select this visit type if you already have your allergy serum.
New Nutrition Eval: An initial visit with a Dietitian for any nutrition-related questions or concerns. No referral is necessary for this visit.
Immunization: A visit with an immunization nurse for routine immunizations and/or to comply with Duke University immunization requirements. If you are requesting travel-related immunizations, you must first have a travel consultation. Please call 919-681-9355 and request a Travel Visit.
PT Initial: To see a Physical Therapist for assessment of exercise-related problems or injuries. No referral is necessary for this visit.
PT Follow Up: Choose this visit type if you are under the care of a Student Health Physical Therapist and were instructed to return for follow-up sessions.

Provider Restrictions
If you are a PA student, please do not make an appointment with Lovest Alexander.

MyChart Activation Instructions
The MyChart portal may be used to communicate with your provider, access your lab results, request prescription refills, request an appointment, schedule an appointment, and view your appointments. To activate a MyChart account, please follow these instructions:
Setting up MyChart for the first time:
- Go to and click on “New User.”
- Enter the MyChart Activation Code (from your After Visit Summary) and your date of birth. If you do not have your MyChart Activation Code, call 800-782-6945 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (EST) Monday through Friday.

Returning Duke Student with an existing HealthView account:
- Go to and click on “Forgot Password.”
- You will be prompted for your Duke MyChart username, which is the same as your HealthView username.
- Enter your date of birth and your medical record number and click “Next.”
- On the following screen, answer the security question (the same one from your HealthView account). You will be able to create a password for your Duke MyChart account.

Forgot your login or password:
- Go to and click on “Forgot MyChart Username” or “Forgot Password.”
- If you are not able to recover your login or reset your password, call 800-782-6945 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (EST) Monday through Friday.