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The Duke University Women’s Center is dedicated to helping every woman at Duke become self-assured with a streetwise savvy that comes from actively engaging with the world. We welcome men and women alike who are committed to gender equity and social change.  Read more.

Have You Heard?

Apr 03, 2014

When asked to submit reflections on leadership, I immediately desired to have the reflection correlate with the topical focus of ethos and leadership. That after all is what I would spend time and energy speaking on at Framework Friday (April 11th 3pm UCAE…shameless plug).  However, I was reflecting upon the idea while walking Diamond, our family dog.  Our life at home revolves around her anyway, so it was not surprising that she became my immediate focus regarding leadership.  Here’s what she taught me…

Mar 18, 2014

Stephanie Helms Pickett was recently named as the new Director of the Duke Women's Center.


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