Women's Center

How We Can Help

Female or male students who are victims of gender violence--sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking--can get information and support about their options including, but not limited to, talking to academic Deans, room reassignment, reporting to the Office of Student Conduct, referrals and accompaniment for medical care, assistance with law enforcement or the district attorney’s office, or obtaining a no contact order. We also help survivors think through access to other support by helping them make the best decisions about who to tell, and if and how they should tell their parents.

Support is available any time.

Below is a full list of the services we can provide.

Counseling & Case Management
Therapy for survivors of gender violence, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape, stalking, and dating violence is available to undergraduates and graduate students who are enrolled at Duke as full time students. Two licensed clinical social workers provide clinical interventions to assist the student in resolving symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma. They will also provide on-going support and case management to survivors engaged in lengthy criminal cases related to the violence.

Medical Care Accompaniment
A trained staff person will accompany a survivor of sexual assault to seek medical care after an assault.  If the survivor chooses, this care may include a forensic examination to collect evidence of the assault or follow-up appointments for STD prophylaxis. Throughout the process, we will be there to answer questions and offer support.

Legal Accompaniment
Staff may accompany a survivor of gender violence to report a crime to police, obtain a protection order or attend court if criminal or civil actions are pursued. Duke Police will also respond to the center to take a report from a student or just explain their options.

Support is available any time.