Women's Center

Programs & Services

Students are integral to the development and implementation of programs and services offered by the Women's Center. Their contribution allows us to offer a range of programming that includes, but is not limited to, the programs described below.

For more information about any of these programs, or to implement an idea of your own, please contact womenctr@duke.edu.

Education & Outreach

The DUWC offers dialogues and discussions around issues of sexism, feminism, gender identity development, intersectionalities of oppression and gender violence. Staff, student interns and trained facilitators encourage discussions on gender and campus climate issues for student groups, classes or other organizations. Send a request by emailing womenctr@duke.edu.

3rd ThursdaysThe Pipeline Series  |  Gender Violence Education  |  P.A.C.T.

Building Community
At the Women's Center, we believe that at the core of a feminist community are relationships, resilience, and resistance. Our center seeks to build this community by providing a space for students to connect and build relationships across all identities and experiences, providing opportunities to build knowledge and skills, and supporting students in creating counter-narratives.

EMBRACE: Women of Color Discussion Group  |  Women's Collective

Activism is intentionally acting in ways that demand, support, and create social change. As one becomes more aware of societal issues and articulates these struggles, a desire to create change follows. The Women's Center supports students with resources, training and other opportunities as they explore activism, build skills and lead social change on campus and beyond.

FEMCAMP  |  Founder's Lecture

Civic Engagement
Through curricular and co-curricular programs, the Women's Center encourages students to connect scholarship from the classroom to real world problems,  to consider alternative frameworks for judgment and action, and to draw meaning from experiences that push them to critique theory from practice and practice from theory.

Moxie Project  |  Project Change  |  Alternative Fall Break

3rd Thursdays

This lunchtime feminist discussion series provides an engaging space for students, faculty and staff to hear and apply feminist analysis to a variety of topics, including women's health and sexuality, women in religion, humanitarianism and equity. Campus and community partners who are experts on the weekly discussion topics will guide our lively and interesting conversations.

The Pipeline Series

Preparing Women for Work, Politics and More

The Pipeline brings innovative speakers, workshops and training to prepare undergraduate women for the realities of work, politics and public life, particularly in areas where women are traditionally underrepresented. The program transforms the political and social landscape by providing women with the necessary tools to enter, stay and thrive in the public realm.

Elect Her teaches students about the issues involved in putting together a winning campaign and are encouraged to run for office, work on a campaign or become civically involved in other ways.

The OpEd Project teaches women how to use the tools of powerful argument to compose op-eds, and thereby inspire and cultivate a sense of thought leadership and encourage students to see their potential impact on the world.

$alary $mart is a hands-on workshop to give women the knowledge and tools to negotiate fair and realistic salaries and benefits in today's market.

For more information, contact womenctr@duke.edu or call 684-3897.

P.A.C.T. - Prevent. Act. Challenge. Teach.

Don't Stand By, Stand UP!

PACT is an interactive, student-facilitated training sponsored by the Women's Center that aims to engage everyone in preventing gender violence on Duke's campus. PACT Training helps students identify situations of concern, and provides knowledge and tools to encourage safe and successful interventions.

Adapted from a training developed at the University of New Hampshire, PACT's goal is to reduce the incidence of sexual and relationship violence on campus by training participants to intervene in safe and creative ways, rather than standing aside as passive bystanders. The five-hour, interactive training is comprised of two sessions. The sessions are led by peer facilitators, who present Duke-specific scenarios, lead discussions, and help participants develop strategies for identifying and minimizing risk, as well as responding compassionately to victim-survivors of all forms of gender violence.


"Definitions belong to the definer, not the defined." Toni Morrison


EMBRACE is an intimate gathering of women of African, Latina, Asian, Native American/Indigenous and Multi-racial descent who are interested in accompanying and assisting each other in exploring, challenging and celebrating our understanding of ourselves and our common/differing realities.

The goals of the group are:
*to explore the myriad of layers of our realities and acknowledge our lives as they exist in the intersections of society * to draw strength in our shared legacy of survival and struggle *to identify, name, embrace and continue a trajectory of success * to develop a space of mutual support and mentorship * to encourage a holistic and authentic understanding of women's wellness.

This group is co-sponsored by The Center for Multicultural Affairs,
Duke University Women's Center and Duke Student Wellness Center.

Women's Collective

The Women’s Collective is a unique, informal, and safe space to discuss our experiences as women at Duke, and collaborate to respond to gender inequities at deeper levels on campus. All women are welcome, regardless of affiliation, to share, listen, commiserate, and/or take action! New members are always welcome as the group is fluid and discussion reflects the concerns of that week’s attendees as well as concerns of women on a campus, local or national level.

The Women's Collective meets weekly in the Women's Center. Please email womenctr@duke.edu for more information.


"Activism is my rent for living on this planet." ~ Alice Walker

FEMCAMP builds leadership skills and tools for social justice activism. In the fall, FEMCAMP offers an intensive weekend retreat with experiential skill building and an opportunity to connect with other students activists. In the spring, FEMCAMP provides a series of workshops that build confidence, facilitate awareness, and equip students for leading social change. We are recruiting students interested and engaged in leading social change. Facilitated by our student interns, staff and community activists, this program provides students with an opportunity to:

  • develop an understanding of change processes
  • think critically about obstacles to change
  • learn how to engage in controversy with civility
  • develop organization and mobilization competencies for campus activism.
  • develop their identities as global citizens leading social change

Founder's Lecture

The annual Founder's Lectures brings activist scholars to the campus to address contemporary gender issues. Every year, the Women's Center invites a renowned feminist activist to campus for a stimulating lecture that is sure to challenge and enlight all of us. Be inspired by national and international activists! 

Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell
Join us for a talk (accompanied by Q & A) followed by a Community Sing with Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell.  Dr. Barnwell appears as a vocalist and/or instrumentalist on more than thirty recordings with Sweet Honey In The Rock and other artists.  She has, for the past thirty years spent much of her time off stage working as a master teacher and choral clinician in African American cultural performance. Her workshop “Building a Vocal Community®: Singing in the African American Tradition” has during the past twenty-five years, been conducted on three continents, making her work in the field a significant source of inspiration for both singers and non-singers, a model of pedagogy for educators, and cultural activists and historians.

Date: April 18, 2013

Talk with Q&A to be held in Westbrook 0014 from 4:30PM - 6:00PM

*Refreshments from 6:15PM to 6:45PM

Community Sing to be held in Goodson Chapel (Divinity School) at 7:00PM

Dr. Barnwell will have products available for purchase at both events!

For more information, contact Kim McCrae at kmac@duke.edu.

The Moxie Project

The Moxie Project is a selective program for undergraduates that combines rigorous curricular, co-curricular and applied learning experiences to explore women’s leadership, public policy and social change. During an eight-week NYC summer internship sponsored by DukeEngage, students explore the contemporary and historical issues that surround women’s activism and test the ways in which policy and practice align or undermine efforts for gender equity. Spunk, daring, courage, nerve, guts, backbone. MOXIE!

Partner Organizations in New York City have included: The Third Wave Foundation; Hollaback!; Legal Momentum; Sanctuary for Families; Ms. Foundation, and; Sadie Nash Leadership Project. Other past sponsors have included: Non-traditional Employment for Women (NEW) & NYC District Council of Carpenters Women’s Committee; The Lower Eastside Girls Club; and, The Brooklyn Young Mothers Collective.

Applications due in early January through DukeEngage. Follow the Women's Center on Twitter for updates.

Alternative Fall Break

Exploring Immigration & Gender: Creating connections and changing lives…
“Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.” Carlos Fuentes

Issues around immigration are all over the news these days. But what about women- how do they experience immigration? What are the narratives of struggle and strength of women in immigrant communities? How do those experiences connect to women students at Duke?

Through family home-stays, participation in a local women's conference, and volunteering at a community-based organization, learn first hand from the experiences of women of all ages in low-income, immigrant, and farmworker communities in Apopka, Florida. The experience is guaranteed to expand your knowledge about immigrant communities and encourage self-reflection. This immersive experience is an opportunity to “recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me,” and will challenge you to think of service-learning and social change in a new way.

Develle Dish

Develle Dish is a blog for women-identified Duke students that seeks to progress conversations on women's experiences at Duke and elevate the visibility of women's contributions to the University. This online community welcomes all voices, feminist or not, to contribute personal experiences and opinions related to gender, sexuality, equity, and social justice.

If you're interested in contributing to the blog as an assistant editor, staff writer, or one-time submitter, visit the blog at develledish.com.

Gender Violence Education

The Women's Center is committed to the prevention and intervention of gender violence on campus.  We provide a variety of education and awareness programs. Faculty, staff, students and student groups may request educational programs and trainings on a variety of topics, including: