2018-2019 Deliberate Dining Report

Duke Dining’s 2019 Sustainable Procurement Summary

In Fiscal Year 2019, Duke Dining’s residential dining program continued to prioritize the purchase of more responsibly produced foods, such as products raised without antibiotics, humanely raised products, locally grown and raised products, and responsibly fished products.

Humanely Raised

In 2019, Duke Dining made the decision to focus on purchasing more certified humanely raised animal products. As a result, we successfully grew our partnership with the local, woman-owned food hub, First Hand Foods, increasing our purchases of humanely raised beef and pork.

Similarly, 99 percent of our shell eggs purchases were local and humanely raised.

Local Produce

In 2019, we continued our partnership with the local philanthropic food hub Farmer Foodshare and the Duke Campus Farm, reaching 26 percent local within our produce purchases.


Through our partnership with Larry’s Coffee, we continued to exclusively purchase coffee products that are Certified Organic, fair trade, and locally roasted. 100 percent of our coffee purchases met these standards.

Moving Forward

In FY 2020, in addition to continuing our current sustainable procurement efforts, Duke Dining will work to find new partnerships for purchasing animal products raised without antibiotics. We will also work to prioritize the purchase of seafood that is responsibly caught.


In FY 2019, Duke Dining met or exceeded our goals in the following categories:

  • Pork – NAE
  • Pork – Humanely Raised
  • Pork – Local
  • Eggs – Humanely Raised
  • Produce – Local
  • Coffee – Local, Fair Trade, & Organic

Duke Dining did not meet its goals in the following categories:

  • Beef – NAE, Humanely Raised, & Local
  • Chicken – NAE, Humanely Raised, Local, & Organic
  • Turkey – NAE, Humanely Raised, Local, & Organic
  • Seafood – MSC, Seafood Watch, Local
  • Produce– Organic

Due to the expansion of the “milk” category to include all dairy products—particularly yogurt—2019 became a new baseline year for the expanded group.

While the goals for organic chicken, all turkey, and organic produce were not met, these categories were lower priority in FY 2019.

[Duke Dining’s overall sustainable procurement results across all food categories.]