About Us

The Division of Student Affairs is critically engaged in all aspects of students’ lives and collaborates with students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and many others in the delivery of key services and support to students and all whom the Division serves.

Student Affairs provides programs and services that support the optimal growth of Duke students, enhance their intellectual, social, cultural and physical development, and complement Duke’s academic excellence by providing opportunities for students to experience education and explore interests beyond the classroom.

Our Guiding Values: 

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Meaningful Inclusion: Moving Toward Equity

  • Actively support all student identities
  • Recognize and address barriers experienced by underrepresented students and colleagues
  • Find deliberate ways to build inclusion and equity in our staff and student experience
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Strategic Collaboration

  • Make it our norm that Student Affairs departments are aligning efforts and working towards shared goals with one another and with campus partners to improve the student experience at Duke
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Health, Wellness & Safety

  • Prioritize the health, wellness and safety of the student community through decision-making processes and collaboration
  • Employ data assessment and research to inform our efforts
  • Proactively invest in a healthy community
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Continuous Growth & Skill Development

  • Create a culture where our teams share learning and support ongoing skill development
  • Provide constructive feedback to each other to encourage growth
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Professionalism, Mutual Respect and Trust

  • Model respect and professionalism through our actions
  • Constructively disagree and then come together once decisions are made


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