300 Swift Avenue FAQ

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Why did Duke purchase the property?
Duke purchased the property to provide a quality living option for undergraduate students as plans for renovations and additions to Duke’s current housing facilities proceed. 

What about the people who already live there?
All current contracts will be honored. Current residents may cancel leases without penalty.  We do expect some current residents to live at 300 Swift next year and will be working to create a community that embraces all members.

Who will be housed there?
Houses currently assigned to Crowell will be reassigned to 300 Swift for the 2017-2018 AY, returning to the completely renovated Crowell building in Fall 2018.  These houses are Gates, Griffin, Magnolia Commons, Hart, Wayne Manor, and Cooper.

How many students will live at 300 Swift?
We plan to house approximately 350 students in 300 Swift in Fall 2017.  In Fall 2018, the number will be approximately 420. Two people will be assigned to each bedroom, as in other campus residence halls.

Will the cost to live there be any different?
The cost will be the same as in other buildings on West Campus.  The double and single A/C rates will be used for the 2017-2018 AY. Billing for 300 Swift housing will be handled the same way as all other housing.

Are the Housing and Student Conduct policies different at 300 Swift?
All housing and student conduct policies will be enforced at 300 Swift. This includes the alcohol and pet policy. You can review these policies here.

What type of apartments are available?
There are three layouts: studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom. See images here. The only private bedroom opportunity will be in the studio apartments.  However, there are a very limited number of these available.

Can I get a private bedroom?
Private bedrooms will only be available in studio designs.  There will be a limited number of studios available, so students should assume they will share a bedroom.  Two students will be assigned to one bedroom apartments and four students will be assigned to two bedroom apartments. 

How can I get assigned to live at 300 Swift?
The process for selecting housing at 300 Swift will be the same as the selection process for all housing on campus.  Students currently living in Crowell can live at 300 Swift by exercising their Right of Return. Students electing Right of Return can pull in a roommate at 300 Swift.

Students who wish to live at 300 Swift should list the four independent houses currently in Crowell at the top of their preference list.  Those who prefer to live on West should list all the independent houses on West (except those currently in Crowell) at the top of their preference list.

What comes with the 300 Swift apartments?
All apartments, except for studios, are double occupancy (two students per bedroom). Each apartment is fully furnished and includes: 

  • Bedroom: XL twin mattress and bed, 2 2-drawer dressers per person, one desk/table
  • Living room: couch, chair, coffee table, and entertainment center piece. Barstools will be provided for apartments with the kitchen islands (most apartments). For those apartments without kitchen islands (normally studios), a table and four chairs will be provided.
  • Also included in each apartment: expansive windows, ceiling fans, hardwood-style flooring, granite countertops, maple wood-style cabinets, stainless steel appliances, garden tubs, patio/balcony, and stacking washer and dryer.
  • Community amenities include: 24-hour fitness center with yoga studio, dual private conference/study rooms, game room, saltwater pool, bike storage, outdoor grilling kitchen, and gas and charcoal grills
  • WIFI: 
  • TV: The same Time Warner device that provides your wireless will also allow you access to a basic cable package.  Any additions to the package will be charged to the occupants of the apartment.
  • E-print: Located on the 2nd floor near the conference/study rooms.
  • Mail: Each apartment will have a mailbox assigned to it located at the post office within 300 Swift.  This is for US mail.  Packages are accepted by the staff at the front desk and then recipient will be contacted to come pick up the package.

Can I bring my own furniture?
The apartments are fully furnished and the furniture cannot be removed from your apartment. You may bring small furniture items such as lamps, additional storage furniture, rugs, etc., but you cannot bring larger furniture items such as chairs, sofas, and beds. Remember that removing furniture can result in damage and charges for replacement.

What are the dining options?
Students will be required to have a meal plan while living at 300 Swift. Student can choose from A, B, C, D, E, or J plans. The J Plan is typically what Central Campus students choose. Cafe 300, which includes a mixture of grab-in-go, deli case, hot bar, and a full coffee and tea program, is available for student use in the lobby area of 300 Swift.  Also, seven food trucks will rotate Monday - Friday for dinner.

Where can I park?
Students assigned to 300 Swift will have an opportunity to purchase a parking pass for the 300 Swift parking garage. The number is limited, so it is not guaranteed that a student will be able to purchase a pass. A lottery will be used to determine whom gets to purchase a parking pass to the garage if demand exceeds supply. If a student is unable to purchase a pass to the garage, the student can purchase a Central pass and park in any Central lot, including the Hull St. lot across from 300 Swift. If you purchase a pass for the garage (or Central) you will not be able to purchase a parking pass for West campus.

Students who get a pass for the 300 Swift garage can get an After-Hours Permit (Night Permit) from Parking and Transportation which allows parking on West and East during the evenings and on weekends (at most lots). You can learn more about this permit at the Parking and Transportation website.

What is the bus service from 300 Swift to campus?
300 Swift is on several campus bus routes. A special Swift Express (SWX) bus route has been implemented. Please consult the Parking and Transportation website to see current route schedule.  Students can also use the many of the normal bus routes (CSW, C2, CCX and C3). Information about each buss route can be found here.

What safety and security measures are in place?
Access to the building is controlled by an electronic system (utilizing fobs) and student will receive a fob and a key for their apartment when they check-in. All apartment doors are auto-locking. Students should not tamper with them to defeat the auto locking mechanism. Closed circuit cameras monitor a number of areas on the property. Each evening a security officer is assigned to monitor the building. Students should still call Duke Police if there is an emergency.