Accessing New Student Affairs Virtual Environment

Author name
Michael Tran

Student Affairs ITS has upgraded the Virtual Windows environment.  This tool is specifically for Mac users who require use of applications that are not compatible on the Macintosh OSX platform.  Examples such as SAP 7.20 and web applications that run true format in Internet Explorer. It is reccomended that if you have any documents that you would like to save while working in this environment that you move it to your local desktop on your workstation or the Student Affairs NAS, submit a request by emailing if this is part of your workflow.


1. Select "Finder" from your dock

2. Select "Applications" from the left menu bar

3. Double click the application "Microsoft Remote" (Application has been distributed to all Mac workstations by SA ITS using Casper Managment.  If you do not have the application on your workstation, submit a request by emailing


4. You will then see the following menu with two different server bookmarks.  Which server you choose will not matter, they are exactly the same for fail over purposes.

5. Select "continue" at this notificaiton screen.

6. Provide your "netID" and "password" for access.

7. Select "Desktop"


To Sign Out of the Virtual Enviorment:

1. Select the "Start Menu"

2. Select your name from the top right, then Select "Sign Out"