Anthestreria –Whoop! Whoop!

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Susanne Killian, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Graduate Student Career Services, Duke University Career Center

Anthestreria is coming soon! While it may sound sinister, Anthestreria refers back to a festival in ancient Greece celebrated by teens, as well as their parents. The festival was dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine, and for three days there would be dancing, singing, wine drinking and individuals adorned with flowers.  In essence, the original spring break.

Although spring break may be a right of passage for undergraduate students, many graduate students (particularly Ph.D.s) may find themselves unable to travel due to research, academic and family responsibilities.  You may not be able to travel to a warmer climate, but you can take a few hours this spring break to recharge and enjoy the emerging springtime right here in the Triangle.

Here are some ways to re-center, reconnect or just relax:

Volunteer:  Volunteering can be a great way to connect with others in the community and to better understand challenges that our local neighbors may be facing.  There are many short-term opportunities to help.

Explore Local History: If you are a history buff or simply wish to learn more about NC history, visit our local museums and historic sites.  North Carolina has a rich history that connects both across the Americas and throughout the globe. Expand your understanding of the local area and explore such landmarks as Durham’s Historic Black Wall Street and Duke Homestead while enjoying the sites and sounds of the city. 

Enjoy Science and Nature: Right here in Durham you have the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, the Museum of Life and Science and the Duke Lemur Center.  The Research Triangle area has many nature trails, lakes and scenic natural areas where one can hike while viewing the fauna and flora of North Carolina.

Discover Art: Art abounds in Durham.  Travel the city in search of galleries and public expositions, architecture and community exhibits.  Check out the Nasher Museum and the 21c Museum Hotel.  Art exhibits cross many media including painting, crafts, pottery and multi-media expositions.  Whatever your taste in art, you can find it in Durham. 

Appreciate Sports: Along with spring comes baseball.  Enjoy a relaxing game at the Durham Bulls or take a leisurely tour of the Duke Basketball Museum and Sports Hall of Fame.  Become involved in adult sports leagues in the area including kickball, pickleball, badminton, and many others.  Get moving or get watching!

If your time is truly limited, at the least take some time to simply slow down and care for you.  Read a good book, connect with friends, take a long walk or just take a moment to enjoy being you.