Becoming Part of the Career Ambassador Team

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Ashley Lewis ‘14

Thumbnail Towards the end of my sophomore year I decided that I liked the Career Center so much, that I wanted to work there. So, I applied to become a member of the Career Ambassador Team. In case you don’t know, the Career Ambassador Team (CATS as we prefer to be called) is a group of students who serve as liaisons between the Career Center and the undergraduate community. We assist students with resume and cover letter writing, do presentations regarding the Career Center around campus, and help employers when they come for on campus recruiting events. If any of that sounds like a plug for you to come and join the Career Ambassador Team next year, it definitely is. As you can probably tell, after I applied for CATS, I was accepted, and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my college career. I say this because working and being in the Career Center has its perks. It’s like yeah, the Career Center is a great resource to help you navigate your time at Duke and prepare for the real world, but at the same time there are just some great people there who really want you to succeed. I know that sounds cliché, but it is the truth.

As both a student and CAT I have had the opportunity to sit down with the different advisors and talk about everything from bad resume writing habits to the release date of my favorite movies, and I have done all of this while receiving a constant stream of love and support from those around me. And I’m so serious about that--Cindy literally jumped out of her seat when I told her about a summer program I got into back in May. Was I expecting that? No. But who doesn’t love making others happy, and knowing that someone is supporting you. And that is what you get when you come into the Career Center. It’s not just about getting some quick tips on how you can better address the fact that you built a jetpack over the summer, or whatever fantastic thing you did during your internship. It’s about meeting someone (and by someone I mean everyone in the Career Center) who wants nothing but success for you, and then clinging to them for dear life! I’m kidding. But it is really about fostering a relationship with people who genuinely want to see you succeed. These days as I finish up my time here at Duke as an undergrad, you can still likely catch me in the Career Center talking to undergraduate career counselor Nikki Smith about one of our favorite tv shows Parks and Recreation. #TreatYoSelf to some time in the Career Center.


In the fall, Ashley will be heading back to her home city of Los Angeles and attending UCLA in pursuit of a Masters in Public Health.