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One of last year's seniors (and a former DUWELL intern), Rose O'Connor,  gives her advice on…

Surviving Senioritis (Duke style)

“STAY HERE, STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN! For the love of God cherish it. You have to cherish it.”  Billy Madison may have been talking to a 3rd grader who couldn’t wait to get to “hike” school, but had he met a Duke senior I think he would have offered similar advice.

The first few months of senior year have gone by way too quickly, especially because the number one thing on every senior’s mind is “what the heck am I going do when I get out of here??” There are a few exceptions of course, but the average Duke student doesn’t have the luxury of floating through senior year carefree. A senior’s job search is constant and seemingly never-ending. While finding a job might seem like the most important thing in the world, don’t let fear of the real world take away from your enjoyment of the “fake world”(DUKE ☺)
Here’s some advice on how to have the stress-free, happy, healthy senior year you deserve. Even if you’re not a senior yet, it’s still time you start embracing all Duke has to offer.

With a million different things to think about, you have to learn how to separate them. Try designating two hours every other day to your job search and applications. When those two hours are over, put your job worries aside and focus on the many other important aspects of your senior year. Like school work. You’ve worked hard for the past 3 years, but there is still so much you can learn and accomplish as a senior. When you have homework to get done, you shouldn’t stress about post-college life. The same goes for social time. MAKE time for your friends because a year from now you’ll be missing them more than you know.

Create a HEALTHY Bucket List
Bucket lists are essential to senior year, so get started on one now! Here’s a sample of fun activities you may want to try out before graduation:
1)  Cheer on a Duke sports team you’ve never seen play before
2)  Go to a show at DPAC
3)  Watch a Durham Bulls game from the dining patio at Tobacco Road
4)  Drive to Wilmington and spend the day at the beach!
5)  Join one new club or campus group
6)  Try a different restaurant in Durham each month
7)  Have a picnic in the gardens

After a long and busy day I have to allow myself time to sit on my porch swing or light a candle in my room and read a book. Whatever helps you relax, do it, whether that be watching bad reality TV, taking a bath or cooking your favorite meal. Senior year is supposed to be fun!

I’m not advising that you blow off your job search altogether, just try your best to keep a balance between living in your future and your present!