Bubbling Over with Success


Submitted by Sean Palmer

It is true that our students are bubbling over with potential. Given the dynamism over our entire student body, it can be hard to know exactly whose doing what.  In particular, Black students are sometimes unintentionally overlooked, partially because quite a few of them prefer a level of anonymity, and embody a “don’t just talk about it, be about it” mantra in their work. 

With all of that said, our newest wall, “The Smell of Success: Black Students Who ‘Cook,’” seeks to highlight just a few of our 2012 graduates who have had an impact on both the Duke and surrounding community. Both Undergraduate and Graduate students in a variety of majors can be found “cookin’” on our Wall.  A brother like Patrick Alexander, who is the fourth man of African descent to graduate with a Ph.D in English, is featured for his work in local jail systems.  A sister like Nana Asante is featured for her critical advocacy work in the Duke community. 

Come learn about our recent graduates, and find out how they have made and continue to make this campus smell sweet with the fragrance of success.

At the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture through mid-August.