Campus Safety and Security Information


Dear Duke Families,

We are excited to welcome you to another school year at Duke. As the year begins we wanted to give you a few updates regarding Campus Safety.

Like most parents, you may feel both excited and anxious about your student's arrival and time on campus. Please know that Duke is a safe campus, and the safety of your student is our utmost concern. Duke maintains a well-trained and well-resourced police department. The police officers have the same powers as other police throughout the Unites States and are on duty 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Our number is 919-684-2444; in emergencies dial 9-1-1.

We also have a number of communication systems to communicate with students in an emergency, including an outdoor siren system, mass email, and emergency text messages. For more information, please visit which includes crime prevention videos and statistics.

Recently, there has been much national discussion on campus safety and crime reporting. Duke monitors these issues carefully for safety and compliance implications. Concerning crime on campus:

  • The most common crime on campus is theft of unattended items
    • Remind your student not to leave their laptop, iphones etc. unattended especially in public spaces, to lock their room and to conceal GPS units and valuables when parking a car
  • Like most universities, many student incidents stem from alcohol use
    • The legal drinking age is 21; please discuss the importance of personal responsibility and good decision making to reduce risk
  • Serious crime is rare

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. For emergencies, dial  9-1-1; for non-emergencies, call (919) 684-2444.



Kyle Cavanaugh, Vice President for Administration

John Dailey, Chief of Police