Caribbean Awareness Week 2016

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Alexandria Miller, History and African American Studies Major, class of 2017

As part of the Students of the Caribbean Association, we have been gearing up for our best Caribbean Awareness Week yet. This year, we’ll bring back returning treats like a traditional steel pan band and a Monday Motivations collaboration with the Center for Multicultural Affairs. This year will also bring about new traditions including a keynote speaker and will culminate with our annual Caribana festival. It goes without saying that Caribbean Awareness Week is, at least in my opinion, the most wonderful time of the year!
Being able to celebrate my Caribbean heritage has been one of the most significant attributes of my college experience. From our annual J’ouvert celebration till four in the morning, debating Caribbean politics, or discussing how society misinterprets new songs in our Caribbean dialects, there has been no greater family to me here than my fellow Caribbean and Caribbean-American friends here. 

We have found a million ways to celebrate our Caribbean heritage here on Duke’s campus from our annual Cooking with SOCA events, where we teach guests to cook traditional Caribbean dishes or our “Black History Month, Caribbean Style” photo campaign, which can be seen here! 

If you are from the Caribbean or just want to get to know more about Caribbean culture, I encourage you to join SOCA this year for Caribbean Awareness Week 2016 from Thursday, March 24th through Friday, April 1st this year and follow us on social media @DukeSOCA to stay up-to-date! There will be tons of food, great music, and even greater people! We hope to see you there!