Central Stands in Solidarity: Will you stand with us?

Author name
Janine Weaver-Douglas

Central Campus’s theme for this year; our one-word call to action is: SOLIDARITY. The concept of standing together in opposition to threats to the well-being and progress of our collective community. My hope, and this is where you come in, is that we as a campus can promote solidarity, in it's multidimensional nature, to the larger Duke and Durham community, and most importantly, to each other. 

Each day we ask that you post to IG, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, and either tag @humansofcentralcampus and/or use the hashtags for that day and/or the hashtag #CentralStandsInSolidarity. Follow @humansofcentralcampus on IG and @ducentralcampus on Snapchat to watch the posts of your students and find shout-outs to groups and organizations. We also ask that you circulate the image below on your social media accounts, whether they are personal, chapter or organization specific, etc. 


The daily themes are: 

Mondays (10/31 and 11/7) will be using the hashtag #MCM (My Cause Matters), which focuses on race and ethnicity. 

Tuesdays (11/1 and 11/8) will be using the hashtag #WYA (Where’s Your Advocacy), which focuses on equal rights and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Wednesdays (11/2 and 11/9) will be using the hashtag #WCW (Women Create Worlds), which focuses on gender equality and feminism. 

Thursdays (11/3 and 11/10) will be using the hashtag #TBT (Take Back Truth), which focuses on the local Durham and NC community issues, as well as national issues that affect our communities

Fridays (11/4 and 11/11) will be using the hashtag #FF (Freestyle Freedom), which focuses on indigenous peoples and lands, as well as solidarity as a whole, in whatever form and method that means to you. 

For every person that participates, including chapters and organizations, we will provide them with swag to represent their advocacy. We will have a Central Campus Week of Solidarity, Monday 12/5 through Friday 12/9, where we will ask everyone to show their solidarity (wear their swag), and we will have programs (more info to come) and gatherings open to all Duke residents, held on Central Campus. 

So, I said all that. 

Here is my ask: promote, participate, and publicize this to your students. Join in this effort. Contribute good back to the world. Get dope free swag from me for it. 

Yours in Solidarity, 

Dean Janine