My name is Kimberly McCrae and I recently transitioned to the Women's Center, as the Program Coordinator.  My beginning date was August 1, 2012 and things have been moving at a rapid pace ever since!  One of my first official engagements in this new chapter in my life was co-teaching a workshop with Sean Novak, a man of many talents, (Did you know he can rap?) for Project Change.  This small group of incoming Freshmen was somewhat omnipresent during their week-long experience in the program...they were EVERYWHERE!  They had a full week of immersion experiences, explicitly intended to prepare them for life here at Duke, in Durham and in the world at large.  I must say that these P-Changers were energetic, inquisitive, intelligent, bold, talkative and creative.  There are many ways to be a leader and this group held within it many great examples of leadership that I'm sure will emerge more fully in the near future.  I believe that life is full of teachable moments and Project Change is an excellent way for us, as educators, to better learn how to remain relevant to the students we are servicing and the future we are building.  Project Change is an experience that changes EVERYONE...students, staff and community affiliates.  I appreciate having had this as part of my 'orientation' to being a staff member in Student Affairs at Duke University...let the academic year begin!!  (For more information about Project Change, visit: )