CLG Workshop on Interview Skills at IHouse

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Tierney Marey


So you’ve got that great G.P.A? You excelled at your internships? You are a born leader and great communicator?

Awesome – how about you tell me all about it. No really, sell me on you.

That’s the tricky part isn’t it? Making sure a future employer or benefactor gets to really see what makes you great and unique. Your résumé may look good, but what happens when it is interview time? That is what this weeks’ C.L.G workshop, led by Anita Stockmans, assistant director of counseling and programs at the Career Center, investigated.

The workshop examined how to make your interview experience the most productive and enjoyable possible. We looked at effective preparation, research, techniques for answering questions and much more! Here are the top tips from the workshop.

  1. Be prepared. Make sure you do ample research ahead of your interview on the company/position. Who is the CEO of the company? What is their motto? What are their goals and strategic interests?
  2. Look over your own résumé. What is on there? What skills have you listed? What experiences did you mention? Know your own stuff!
  3. When answering behavioral interview questions, don’t ramble – use the STAR method!

S= Situation: Share what the context or environment was for your example.
T=Task: Talk about the assignment or task you were given.
A=Action: Discuss what actions YOU specifically took.
R=Result: Tell what the results of your actions were. Conveying what the conclusion of your story was may be the most important piece of the STAR method.

4.    Take the opportunity to ask questions. Use these questions to show your employers that you are really interested in their work. For example, “What motivates your work here?” “How will my work be measured and evaluated?”
5.    Dress modestly and appropriately. Use minimal jewelry.
6.    Finally, be confident, present yourself well and follow up on the interview with an email. There is nothing wrong with reinforcing your interest!


Huge thanks to the Career Center for sharing their wisdom.
With their advice interviews can become a conversation, not an interrogation.

Tierney Marey
Undergraduate at Trinity Arts and Social Sciences
Class of 2017
Sydney, Australia