Connect the Dots: The Archive Literary Festival

Author name
Kyle Fox


When we eat a great meal we don't usually think about the farmer that planted the crops, or the truck driver that transported the ingredients, or the retailer that stocked their shelves, or the chef that followed a recipe, or any of the other countless individuals involved in each bite. Thinking about every bite in such detail would be overwhelming and at the end of the day everyone involved is happy that their work was appreciated. Attending a great event can be viewed in the same way.

When student John Benhart began planning the Archive Literary Festival he set out with an end result in mind, host a great event. Much like the great meal, John's event included a lot of supporters filling vital roles along the way. In total, John worked with multiple UCAE teams and touched base with eight UCAE team members.


Reflecting on his event planning process, John said "I learned a ton from planning this event...I learned a lot about was good to have everyone invested and not have any one person be overwhelmed".

In addition to the UCAE team members involved, John was also supported by countless others within the Duke community. The Archive Literary Festival was made possible by the Undergraduate Publications Board Endowment.