Don't Wait! Nominate!


Blog post by Deb Hackney, Associate Director of UCAE: Leadership Development and Social Action 

It’s official.  

We have rolled out nominations for the 2013 Student Leadership and Service Awards. 

Do you know someone you’d like to nominate for an award and don’t know how to get started? Here are tips from the experts — from those who host make sure the awards happen and read a multitude of nominations for those awards. 

Disclaimer:  You don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of hours writing, but you should take time to prepare your submission. It’s a meaningful gesture of thanks and you want to give the nomination process the time it deserves.

Here are a few pointers to help ensure your letter and nominee receive the best look:

  • Determine which award is most appropriateis the right award.  Be sure to address the award criteria directly. Much like a resume should be tailored for each specific job you apply for, award nominations should match the award criteria. How can you bring the criteria to life?  If you are unsure which award to nominate for, nominate for more than one award.
  • Use specific examples in your nomination. Think about a story that speaks to why you are nominating someone. A story can illustrate a point more than just a description. It’s particularly moving to hear something from the first-person perspective, more than generalities. How can you tell a story?  How did this person “get to be a nominee”?
  • Sometimes you answer a question before it is asked, so make sure to read all of the questions first before you write the entire submission. Always leave a response to a question in the place where asked. How can I organize my thoughts?
  • Save your nomination in text format on your computer, especially if you’ve submitted on the web.  Open up a Word document and keep your progress there. How lousy would you feel to have a letter nomination deleted because the browser timed out?  Tragedy ensues.
  • Feel free to interview/ communicate with your nominee about the nomination, especially if you have questions about their involvement or credentials.  Ask them. It’s an honor.  Hi, I would like to nominate you for an award, but I want to be sure I can speak to all that you do. Can you send me your resume?” #ohsnapbringontheawesomefeelings
  • Remind your nominees of the nomination process requirements.  Most awards require a resume or involvement sheet submission. You can encourage your nominee to send them in so that they aren’t looked over in the selection process.

Now that you know the stuff, get out there and nominate!