DSG Recognizes Three Student Affairs Colleagues

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David Pittman Award
DSG has created a new award to honor Dr. David Pittman. The David Pittman Award, named for the Director of Student Life, is awarded to a member of the Duke University administration, faculty, staff, or student body whose work with the Duke Student Government demonstrates a selfless commitment to mentorship, fostering a supportive environment for character growth and contributing to the leadership development of its members.  

Dr. Pittman has redefined leadership for so many of us. He helped us get out of a cycle of putting logistics, lists of accomplishments, and bureaucracy first, and showed us what it means to prioritize personal growth, teamwork, and creating relationships. Every member of DSG was welcome to stop by Dr. Pittman's office to ask questions, strategize, or just hang out. This approachability made it so easy for us to come to him with our tougher problems, like learning how to maintain friendships while disagreeing on tough issues. Dr. Pittman revolutionized the way I see what it means to be a successful leader. I know that I will take that perspective with me and use it to define much of my work in the years to come. 

Dean Suzanne Wasiolek Award
The Dean Suzanne Wasiolek Award, named for the Assistant Vice-President for Student Affairs and former Dean of Student Development, is awarded to a member of the Duke University administration who has seriously and effectively considered the interests and concerns of undergraduates in the course of carrying out their duties and/or formulating policy in the best interest of the University community as a whole throughout their tenure at Duke.  All administrators will be automatically nominated.

Jordan Hale, New Student Programs Director and Assistant Dean, received the Dean Wasiolek award. During myriad meetings and conversations, Hale has taken the time to learn the "interests and concerns”—to quote the stipulations of the award—of individual students. It shows in his work. When a student works with Hale, it is clear he is motivated by a genuine desire to make the undergraduate experience the best it can be, and by that desire alone. So long as he is working here, we are confidant he will keep finding new ways to make coming to Duke coming home. 

Nannerl O. Keohane Award
The Nannerl O. Keohane Award, named for the former President of Duke University, is awarded to the member of the Duke University administration, faculty, or staff whose work with the Duke Student Government demonstrates service and commitment to undergraduate students which characterized the Nan Keohane presidency.

DSG awarded Dr. LB Bergene, associate dean of East Campus, the Nannerl O. Keohane Award for her commitment to collaborating with, engaging, and developing every new class of student leaders and for her overall service to undergraduate students. Even during the difficult first year, LB creates a welcoming place for all first years to take ownership of their community. This past year, in addition to her dean's role, she substituted as an interim RC, advised East Campus Council, and served on the Bias Task Force. However, this level of engagement is normal for her. LB has been nominated for an award for four consecutive years recognizing her sincere investment in student leaders from day one every year. As students, we thank LB Bergene for her exemplary engagement and tireless work, and we envy the Class of 2020 for soon moving onto East.