DU’ing WELL on CMA East – Strange Place


Life on East is different. These people are strange! They do crazy things like park in front of the building they work at. Boy, they are missing out on the half-mile hike some of us would take to the office back on West to the Bryan Center. I moved into the Duke Student Wellness Center (or DUWELL, for short.) in the Crowell Building on East Campus where I occupy the temporary satellite location that we’ve come to call CMA East. It is an interesting change. I work right alongside Tom Szigethy who is the Director of DUWELL along with Michelle Johnson, Maralis Mercado, Brittany O’Malley, and Dan Perry, the newest member of the DUWELL family.

We share the Crowell building with Student Conduct, Parent & Family Programs, and New Student Programs. I had the pleasure of dropping into Student Conduct where Amy Powell showed me around. It was great. It is a very nice place. However, it was kind of like the feeling I get when I am in a principal’s office, I get uneasy. Let’s just say that I was a rather “spirited” young man in my younger years and didn’t venture into these spaces without being required to. Nonetheless, Stephen Bryan, David Frankel, Valerie Glassman, Christine Pesetski, Leslie Grinage, and Sarah Lewis all work in this office as well. They were all out of the office when I stopped by. I think they just heard that I was coming and ran away.

Next, I dropped in to see Sharon Logan, Clay Adams, and Todd Adams. They share an office that hosts both New Student Programs and Parent & Family Programs. Sharon was a pleasure to talk to. We shared some stories on our adventures with local cuisine. We knew one another’s name (from emails) but until this interaction we had never come into contact with one another. Clay was hard at work during budget preparation time. I think Todd was being grouchy so Sharon locked him in the closet.

Nonetheless, this has been a nice adventure so far. Interacting with this different species on East campus has been an insightful one. What the Spring 2013 semester will mean for CMA East is yet to be seen. I look forward to reaching out and connecting to our first year students on a more continuous basis. Stay tuned as I share with you my adventures on this planet called East Campus.

Sean Michael Novak
Program Coordinator
Center for Multicultural Affairs