Duke Student Wellness Center


We’re Moving!

This January, the new Duke Student Wellness Center will open on West Campus. The Student Wellness Center will, for the first time, create a centralized facility capable of supporting broad and varied student needs, promoting self-care and providing students access to a comprehensive, integrated, simplified array of wellness options.

This means many of our offices will be moving from their current spaces. The new facility will house Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), DukeReach, Student Health Services, and DuWell, as well as nutrition services, pharmacy, physical therapy, a meditation garden and the Oasis at Campus Center (the Oasis in Belltower on East Campus will still be in operation).

The building itself was purposefully designed to create a positive physical environment that is both inviting and reflective of our wellness mission. It is a destination, a place to learn and live wellness, or just to hang out in a comfortable space.

You are all invited to explore your wellness this January at the new Student Wellness Center at 305 Towerview, next to Penn Pavilion.